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Inspire and Inspire HR consolidate Fitbit’s fitness tracker line

Fitbit has made Inspire and Inspire HR available to everyone. Previously, the fitness trackers were only offered through some corporate programs and gyms.

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The duo first appeared earlier this year. But it was a rather muted launch which received hardly any press coverage. This is because the devices were available exclusively to Fitbit’s corporate, wellness, health plan, and health systems partners and customers of their organisations, participants and members. That’s all changed from today.

Fitbit makes Inspire and Inspire HR available to all
Image source: Fitbit

Inspire and Inspire HR actually look pretty good. They consolidate the company’s fitness tracker line by replacing the Alta and Alta HR. This also means the Flex 2, and much older Zip and One trackers will not see new iterations.

Fitbit’s new fitness bands come with a touchscreen, on-device dashboard, all-day activity and sleep tracking, female heath tracking and smartphone notifications. They have an OLED touchscreen, and are swim-proof (water resistance up to 5 ATM). There’s a single physical button on the left.

The classic band is made of a premium, comfortable silicone similar to that used in many sport watches, and the buckle is made of anodized aluminum. Other bands can be purchased separately including sophisticated metal mesh, premium Horween leather and more.

A clip-on accessory is also available, so the tracker can be detached from the strap and attached on to clothes. This is to cater for those who would previously have opted for Zip.

Fitbit makes Inspire and Inspire HR available to all
Image source: Fitbit

You navigate the device by tapping the screen, swiping up and down, or pressing the button. To preserve battery (which lasts up to 5 days), the tracker’s screen turns off when not in use.

The HR version adds several more features. This includes 24/7 heart rate tracking, sleep stages (light, deep, & REM) and 15+ goal-based exercise modes. There’s also Connected GPS, Vo2Max/Cardio Fitness Level, 15 goal-based exercise modes, as well as breathing exercises. What is missing from both devices is an altimeter for counting floors.

Inspire and Inspire HR can be preordered on The regular version costs $69.95 and the HR version $99.95. You can also purchase them on Amazon (check price). The first comes in black, lilac or white and black colour options, while the Inspire is available in black or Sangria.

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