GOMI: the smart pet toy that provides hours of entertainment & exercise

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Just like their owners, our pets need to be active to stay happy and healthy. GOMI is an app-enabled smart ball that can provide hours of entertainment and exercise for your dog or cat.

Our pets feel loneliness. Dogs, in particular, suffer when left on their own. This means whenever you are not at home, your furry friend is under stress. No play can also lead to obesity. In fact, statistics show that nearly half of all house pets are obese.

GOMI is a smart toy that aims to help with this. Featuring AutoStart and AutoStop functions, it comes programmed with 12 different interactions to keep your pets engaged and their minds simulated. The ball moves in irregular patterns and vibrates when bitten and rolls away when dropped.

Plus GOMI comes with an accompanying smartphone app. Log in to see just how your pet is playing while you are gone. You can even control the ball movements through the app.

Made from FDA-Certified Polycarbonate coating and 100% waterproof, the ball is extremely durable. The Sustainable Soy Ink and antibacterial nature ensures that your dog or cat is free from any harmful substances.

Once your pet is done or you are back at home, simply place the ball back on the wireless charger. That way its always ready for more fun.

Price: $79 and up

Funding open:

$42,798 raised out of $3,835 goal
38 days to go

Estimated delivery: May 2019

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