NXT Ring: a secure key for your digital self

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Intelligent rings have been around for a while now, but a new take on the whole concept comes from an outfit with a catchy name – Thingyfy. With their ring you’ll have contacts, digital payments, social networks, files, medical ID and even a cryptocurrency wallet on your finger.

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Most smart rings track your fitness or allow for contactless payments. NXT Ring focuses, instead, on functioning as a digital wallet and organizer allowing you to keep your digital self at hand.

The device offers a brand new way to connect and share. Every ring holds a key to your digital NXT Profile which sits on the cloud. This is totally customizable – allowing users to add, for example, their social profiles, playlists or PayPal information. The interface has a folder-like structure letting you structure info, folders and links, as per your preference.

You can even add emergency contacts and medical ID. The latter allows you to store critical information such as blood type, allergies, prescriptions, medical conditions and more.

The info is extremely secure thanks to 128-bit Unique Random Identifiers (URI). To share simply tap your ring to a person’s phone. The NFC chip on the ring will connect with the URI on your phone, and allow guest browsers to open your profile.

The ring is offered in a range of durable materials, it never requires charging and it’s dust and water-proof. There are a number of versions to choose from that differ significantly in price.

The least expensive is the NXT Medical which only holds medical information and comes in a silicone rubber wrapping. NXT Steel is much more fully featured and comes in polished stainless steel material. The most expensive of the lot are the Titanium Grade 1 and Gold 750 options. They also function as cryptocurrency wallets.

Price: $11 and up

Funding open:

$15,667 raised out of $6,370 goal
36 days to go

Estimated delivery: November 2019

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