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Mi Health is Xiaomi’s health and fitness app in the making

Xiaomi is working on a new health and fitness oriented app. Dubbed Mi Health, it offers more advanced functionality than the tech giant’s current software.

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The Xiaomi Mi Fit app tracks your daily activity and sleep. Its aim is to keep you motivated while exercising and encourage healthy lifestyle habits. The software supports Mi Band, Amazfit Bip, Mi Body Composition Scale, Mi Scale, Amazfit Pace and a number of other devices.

mi fit app gets a huge design overhaul with version 4.0 - Mi Health is Xiaomi's health and fitness app in the making
Mi Fit app | Image source: Xiaomi

Back in May Xiaomi introduced a design overhaul with version of the Mi Fit app. This brings a revamped card-based look and more types of workouts. But it seems the company has bigger plans in store.

The Mi Health app was spotted in the latest MIUI China Developer 9.7.23 beta build by XDA Developers. They were successful at pulling together a few screenshots. The second of these shows the app’s logo.

mi health is xiaomi s health and fitness app in the making - Mi Health is Xiaomi's health and fitness app in the making
Mi Health app | Image source: XDA Developers

As can be seen from the image, the new software shares many of the features of the Mi Fit app. You can use it to track your steps, distance, calories, sleep and more. The biggest difference is the addition of advanced sleep metrics and the ability to track menstruation cycles. The latter was probably prompted by similar functionality introduced recently by Apple, Fitbit and Garmin.

Whats more, Mi Fit will also dish out an overall Health Score. This is based on your daily activity, sleep and BMI (Body Mass Index). It will then use this info to suggest tweaks to your daily exercise goals.

No word yet on a possible release date. It is also not clear whether the new app will replace the old one, or if the two will live side by side.

If you would like to do a test run of Mi Health, the APK is available on this link. Installation is a bit tricky unless you know what you are doing. We suggest, therefore, waiting it out until Xiaomi makes the software official.

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