IceBRKR: the first ever ski mask with bone conduction sound

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A new crowdfunding project has just launched for an innovative ski wearable. IceBRKR are the first ever ski goggles with bone conduction sound and Bluetooth 5.0 MESH.

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The gadget comes from an Italian-based outfit called bONE Tech. The goggles are designed to make skiing or snowboarding a more entertaining and more connected experience, whilst at the same time keeping it safe.

You can, for example, listen to music or podcasts while on the slopes or sitting on the ski lift. The beauty of the behind-the-ears bone conduction transducer is that you’ll still be able to hear everything that’s going on around you. This is because it transmits sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull by converting it into vibrations. The audio comes straight to you in stereo, just as if you were hearing it through the ears. Plus if you have a helmet on, it will deliver an awesome 360 degree sound experience.

Bone-conduction technology has been around for many years as a tool to help those with hearing loss. We’ve seen this integrated in smart helmets and headphones, but never in a ski-related product.

Whats more, ICEBRKR will let you stay in touch with loved ones via Bluetooth 5.0 MESH Intercom technology. This allows up to 18 people to pair together and communicate at the same time. The thing might even come in handy if you find yourself in an emergency!

The gadget has been designed so that all control keys are invisible but easily accessible on the lower part of the goggles’ frame. Plus you have the option of voice activated controls. Because you don’t need to look at the controls or remove your gloves, this keeps you focused on the trail.

There’s as polarised lens on-board along with Iridium lens coating. The combined effect of these is a reduction in glare and increase in contrast. This comes particularly handy if its very sunny outside and there’s a reflection off the snow.

“IceBRKR is the answer to staying as connected as you want to be on the slopes,” said CEO Marco Collini, founder of bONE Tech.

“You can take calls, listen to music or podcasts, all without removing your gloves or mask or blocking out the sound around you.”

Summer might be an odd-time to launch a ski-related product on Kickstarter, but the outfit is looking to deliver in November. If everything goes to plan this will be just in time for the ski season in the US and Europe. With 39 days to go in the campaign bONE Tech has already raised more than enough funds to start production.

Price: $100 and up

Funding open:

$47,883 raised out of $33,619 goal
39 days to go

Estimated delivery: November 2019

View on:

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