Honor Band 5 Sport is here to help runners avoid injuries

Following in the footsteps of Honor Band 5 comes a special Sport edition. Users can wear it on their wrist or attach it to their footwear from where it monitors running posture.

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Huawei’s sub-brand did something similar last year. The fourth iteration of Honor Band came in a standard and special edition.

We get multiple options once again. Honor Band 5 Sport packs a smaller black and white screen than the standard edition. In addition to working from your wrist, the Sport edition can also be attached to your shoes via a special buckle.

From there it utilises its 6-axis accelerometer to dish out a plethora of running metrics. This includes cadence, stride length, landing mode, swing angle, ground impact, ground contact time and eversion range. The info is then utilised to help you avoid sports injuries.

The wearable also helps in competitive performance. In addition to tracking the standard gamut of sports activities it focuses on some not so standard sports such as badminton and basketball.

The company says Honor Band Sport 5 “will be priced competitively”. We are also yet to hear of the European and US  launch date, but it should be coming soon.

The standard edition was unveiled at an event in China back in July. In addition to some design tweaks and a better display, it comes with some interesting updates over its predecessor.

This includes the ability to detect your blood oxygen levels, monitor fatigue and listlessness, alert to poor sleep and detect hypoxemia dizziness. Definitely not features you expect to come across in a budget wearable.

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