British Athletics Track & Field Olympic team to train with PhysiGo sensors

UK-based PhysiGo has unveiled in a press release its collaboration with the British Athletics Track and Field Olympic team on advanced AI-enhanced wearable sensors.

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The link-up is meant to help in the team’s preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The device the British athletes will be training with is called the Running Pod Elite (RPE).

“We are proud to have been chosen after successfully completing extensive trials that meet the exacting standards of British Athletics and that showed advanced monitoring of form and run metrics, insight and AI-based analysis beyond what has previously been available,” said PhysiGo’s CEO Luke Sephton-Perrett.

Unlike other pods which are attached at the waist or to a shoe, these are worn as a pair around the ankles. By utilizing advanced AI analysis they churn out actionable data and insights into run dynamics that have previously been unavailable outside of a lab environment.

This includes very accurate info on duration, distance, pace, steps, GPS location, altitude, as well as metrics such as contact/flight time, Tibial load, Pronation and Supination (which way the foot rolls when making contact with the ground) and Toe/Heel strike. The acceleration is measured in three dimensions up to 16g’s.

Because the trackers are worn on both feet, it allows for comparisons and highlighting of asymmetries when running. Needless to say, this is very useful in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

“We are very pleased to be working with PhysiGo, who share our vision for data-driven performance improvement,” said Tommy Yule, Head of Performance Support at British Athletics.

“PhysiGo has shown a capability to combine product innovation and flexibility to meet the exacting standards of elite performance athletes.”

British Athletics Track & Field Olympic team purchase PhysiGo wearables
Running Pod Pro

The pods are not available for general purchase but PhysiGo is working on a commercial product. Dubbed Running Pod Pro the functionality will be very similar to Running Pod Elite.

As you’d expect, Running Pod Pro will come with an accompanying smartphone app. Training and individual foot data will be presented via charts, superimposed on maps, with detailed insights and the ability to export to Strava, Garmin, TrainingPeaks and more.

Running Pod Pro is set to retail for £89.99 for a pair (around $120) when it launches in early 2020. You can register on PhysiGo’s website to be first in line when the wearable becomes available.

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