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ASICS presents a smart running shoe prototype at CES 2020

ASICS presents smart shoe prototype at CES 2020
Image source: ShortList

ASICS is planning to launch in 2020 a range of smart shoes in close partnership with Japanese sensor technology company NNF (No New Folk Studios Inc).

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The footwear company has presented its initial prototype for CES 2020 attendees. What they are demoing is a pair of EvoRide running shoes with an NNF Orphe Track sensor slotted into a hole in the sole.

The smart trainers monitor a range of inputs from the person wearing them. The aim is to help runners save energy and exercise more efficiently with data such as kick strength and stability. The info is also matched up against a database with details from 10,000 runners, to provide you with a score on your running technique.

The sneakers themselves are a pair of yet-to-be released EvoRide running shoes from ASICS. The company says these are their lightest and most energy-saving shoes to date. They feature something called Guidesole technology that conserves energy by reducing movement in the lower leg.

The EvoRide running shoes will be available for purchase from February 7th. The smart version will launch at an undisclosed date and price later this year. This will be a new model and not the upgraded EvoRide demoed at the show.

“Coming to CES is a springboard moment for ASICS sports innovation. We always strive for perfection, and that’s why we waited until now to have our own booth at CES,” said president and chief operating officer Yasuhito Hirota.

“I’m really pleased to be showcasing the incredible innovation that is normally hidden away in our ISS labs, especially in a year that is so important for sport, for Japan and – of course – for ASICS as well.”

Smart shoes as a concept are yet to take off. Which is a bit strange considering the most logical place to monitor steps and running technique are the feet. Another company that is hoping to change this is London-based NURVV. They are demoing at CES intelligent insoles that deliver insights and guidance on how to run faster and avoid injury.

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