EyeRide HUD: a futuristic copilot that makes your old helmet smart

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Wouldn’t it be cool if you could make your old bicycle or motorcycle helmet smart? Well now you can. EyeRide HUD augments any traditional helmet with GPS, music streaming and calls.

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The gizmo is currently available through Indemand on Indiegogo having raised more than £800,000 on the platform. This is in addition to over £700,000 raised on another crowdfunding platform. So what’s all the fuss about?

EyeRide HUD is a device that combines a heads-up display, GPS, hands-free kit and voice commands to ensure your safety on the road. Created by a bunch of ex-BMW & Airbus engineers, the thing attaches and upgrades any traditional helmet. The company says you can install it in as little as two minutes and it won’t impede if you’re wearing glasses or have a sun visor.

The helmet has already passed the necessary US, EU & CA regulations. The beauty is that it allows you to keep your eyes on the road. You can, for example, get an overlay of Google Maps in your line of sight (on the right hand side) with directions to your destination.

The display appears as a small box in your line of vision – about 2 meters ahead of you in 3000 nits brightness. That’s three times what you get on a typical iPhone in case you were wondering. Everything is transparent allowing you to see every detail of what’s on the road.

Or how about switching on the 55mm 99dB flat speakers and listening to Spotify or Youtube music? What’s more, there’s a directional microphone to allow you to answer calls and connect with other riders. Optionally, you can purchase an additional button to attach to your handlebar. This communicates via Bluetooth with the system for even more control.

Battery life is about a day on a single charge and EyeRide HUD adds just 70 grams to your old helmet. There are also options to purchase the thing mounted on a carbon special edition helmet.

Crowdfunded projects are always a risk but French-based EyeLights SAS already has two successful products behind it. EyeRide HUD starts at £262 with an estimated July delivery date to backers. The remote bluetooth option will set you back just over £300.

Price: £262 and up

Funding open:

£804,960 raised by 2,974 backers

Estimated delivery: July 2020

View on:

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