Garmin HRM-PRO with Bluetooth support to launch soon

Garmin HRM Pro has leaked on a Canadian retailers website. It looks to be just like the Tri-HRM but with Bluetooth.

There has been talk about a new heart rate monitor from Garmin for more than a year now. But it seems the launch is finally immanent.

Up to now, the most high-spec chest strap from the Kansas-based outfit was HRM-TRI. It is a device specifically made for triathletes. The built in accelerometer reports six running dynamics and HRM-Tri stores heart rate data even when underwater, then forwards it to your wearable at the end of your swim.

Garmin HRM-PRO with Bluetooth support to launch soon

HRM pro adopts the same minimalistic design. It weighs 59 grams and has a strap that is adjustable from 23.5″ to 56″. Water resistance is 5 ATM.

As far as battery life, it comes in at about a year on the replaceable CR2032 (3 volt) coin-cell. Coincidently, all of this is the same as on HRM-TRI, even the running dynamics which include Cadence, Ground Contact Time, Vertical Oscillation & Vertical Ratio, Ground Contact Time Balance, Stride Length.

The difference is that HRM PRO has the ability to transmit heart rate data both via ANT+ and Bluetooth. The addition of the latter gives you more options on how to train, be it indoors, outdoors or online. The Bluetooth allows for two simultaneous BLE connects, in addition to ANT devices. As you’d expect, the thing also has built-in storage for cases when you do not have your sports watch with you.

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All of this is according to a Canadian retailer website which has posted a pic and specs of the upcoming device. It has not revealed a price but HRM TRI comes in at around $100 so HRM Pro should be at or slightly above that. Garmin also sells HRM Swim and HRM Run both of which come in at around $80.

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