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FINIS Smart Goggles can now be purchased at SwimOutlet

FINIS Smart Goggle powered by Ciye™ (Coach in Your Eye) are available to purchase now on SwimOutlet. They offer a viable alternative to FORM Swim Goggles.

FINIS Smart Goggle vs Form: the only real competitors

Most swimmers will have heard of FINIS. The Northern California-based outfit is one of the leading manufacturers of swim products. With nearly three decades of experience they sell their gear in over 80 countries across the globe.

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The company is known for innovation and says it is dedicated to developing the next big thing. Smart swim goggles certainly have the potential to become just that.

FINIS is not the first to enter this market. FORM Swim Goggles have been around for some two years as the first augmented reality glasses for swimmers. The specs offer a much more convenient method to track your swim sessions than a sports watch.

But now FORM has a competitor in the form of the FINIS Smart Goggle. Hopefully this will help to drive down the cost of such products.

FINIS Smart Goggle – a versatile training tool

If you compare FINIS Smart Goggle vs Form, it is evident the two are quite similar. They both look like the traditional thing, but overlay a digital display in your line of sight. This allows for unobtrusive swim sessions.

An important difference between the two is that the screen is built into the goggles with FORM. FINIS, on the other hand, has a Smart Coach module that slips into the goggle lens. This allows for it to be changed and replaced, if needed. Useful if the lenses get old and scratched. It’s something that is not possible with FORM Swim goggles.

FINIS Smart Goggles can now be purchased on SwimOutlet

As far as stats, FINIS goggles display real-time information on laps, splits, time and rest periods in the left corner of your eye while you swim. The view is customizable so you can adjust it based on your needs. For example, you can just display a lap count, swim for sets, or just time.

FINIS Smart Goggles can now be purchased on SwimOutlet

Other info that is tracked by the smart goggles includes a stroke count, stroke type, calories, set-by-set breakdowns and more. All of this is available post-swim in the CIYE™ Swim app. This lets you sift through the data, share your workouts for bragging rights and sync to platforms such as Strava.

FINIS Smart Goggles can now be purchased on SwimOutlet

Simplicity is key. FINIS Swim Goggle have a single physical button that you press when you start your swim. Press it again to end your swim session.

FINIS Smart Goggles can now be purchased on SwimOutlet
Image source: FINIS

Where to purchase?

All in all, this sounds like a well thought out product. It’s good that there is now some more competition in this market niche.

We will be looking to get our hands on the super-cool FINIS Smart Goggle in the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for our review.

In the meantime, the $235 goggles can be picked up at SwimOutlet – the most popular online swim retailer. They’ve been selected as the exclusive retailer for the FINIS Swim Goggle.

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