LIVALL EVO21: smart helmet with superior visibility & SOS features

LIVALL is raising funds on Indiegogo for the EVO21 smart helmet. It comes with a comprehensive set of LED lights with stop and turn signals, a patented SOS system, along with a durable yet comfortable build.

This is a well known company which has been manufacturing smart helmets including some for skiing, mountain biking and cyclists for the past 7 years. In this time it has grown to be the industry-leading smart helmet provider.

Now the outfit is launching the next generation smart helmet and has turned to Indiegogo to raise funds and awareness of the product. In the short time that it has been on the platform, the LIVALL EVO21 Smart Helmet has raised over $300,000. This is well above what has turned out to be a rather modest $10,000 goal.

The smart helmet comes full to the brim with advanced features. It has been designed to go much further than just protecting you in case of a crash. Its aim is to prevent accidents before they happen.

Comprehensive set of LED lights

To this end the EVO21 packs a comprehensive set of auto-brightness LED warning lights. This includes a 270° rear light with higher lumens that maximizes your visibility from long ranges. There’s a multi-color front light with a 45° reach, so even if you tuck your head the light will be visible.

LIVALL EVO 21: smart helmet with superior visibility & comprehensive SOS features

A smart brake warning light and turn signals are there to let drivers around you know what you will do next. These are connected to accelerometer sensors which automatically signal when you are slowing down or stopping.

This is combined with a remote on the handlebar which you can use to communicate to the LEDs whether you are turning left or right. Much safer and quicker than signaling with your arms.

LIVALL EVO 21: smart helmet with superior visibility & comprehensive SOS features

It’s the same type tech that is built into automobiles and motorcycles. The company says the helmet is brighter and lighter than anything else on the market today.

SOS alert system

It is also safer. EVO21 comes with fall detection and SOS smarts. In the unfortunate case you experience a fall, it will send a text message to your emergency contact. The notification provides them with your exact location thanks to a GPS signal obtained from your smartphone. All of this is done automatically, so no need for you to press any buttons.

LIVALL EVO 21: smart helmet with superior visibility & comprehensive SOS features

LIVALL says the tech can detect falls anywhere above 1.5 meters. A text message will be sent within a minute and a half after you experience the accident. This gives you time to switch it off in case of false emergencies. For example if you drop your helmet and do not need any help.

The customization of emergency contacts is done through the smartphone app. This has fitness tracking, route tracking and a battery indicator. The LIVALL Riding App also connects you to a riding community so you can link up with others.

Durable and comfortable build

Of course, build is the most important part of a helmet that is meant to protect you. The company is very serious about this aspect and has passed rigorous safety standard tests with an A-star rating.

To this end the ultra-lightweight (350 grams) EVO21 comes with a top protective PC shell. This is combined with an EPS impact-absorbing liner and a lower protective PC shell.

The impact protection is enhanced by a dual-protection system. The first layer is made of PC material that distributes evenly the force of an impact through the helmet. The second is made of Polysource PSI. Its purpose is to absorb the remaining pressure and keep it away from your head.

LIVALL EVO 21: smart helmet with superior visibility & comprehensive SOS features

There’s also a layer for comfort. It is made of memory foam to ensure a snug fit which is just what you need for those long bike journeys. To keep you cool, the helmet packs an aerodynamic ventilation design and increased venting area.

All of this comes with an IPX5 water-resistance rating. Which means the smart helmet and its lighting system will work just fine in most weather conditions, including rain. Having said that, the company does not recommend you ride on a rainstorm day.

Battery life is a pretty decent 10 hours on a single charge. For a typical cyclist that should last about a week.

Price and availability

The LIVALL team has already started turning their prototype into a finish product. With a number of smart helmets under its belt, they’ve got lots of experience in this sort of thing. In fact they ship an incredible 200 thousand helmets across the globe each year.

The LIVALL EVO21 is the latest and greatest smart helmet created by the company to date. It has won the iF Gold Award 2021 for its perfect fusion of highly functional and aesthetic demands. Winning an iF Gold Award is a ‘thumbs up’ from an international design jury – a stamp of approval. Just 75 most outstanding designs and achievements can look forward to getting this award out of a total of 10,000 entries from more than 50 countries.

Indiegogo is the only channel for the pre-order of the LIVALL EVO21 for now. An $89 Early Bird Deal will get the helmet delivered to your doorstep next month. This is 31% down on the price it will sell for when it hits retail. You can pick from two sizes and a number of different color options including Snow, Dark Night, Ultraviolet and Mint.

LIVALL EVO 21: smart helmet with superior visibility & comprehensive SOS features

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