Slinger Bag’s upcoming tennis app will help improve your technique

Slinger Bag is getting a smartphone tennis app that analyzes your technique, offers drills and more. The software is still work-in-progress but you can sign-up to be considered for Beta access now.

We reviewed the gizmo about a year ago. For those not in the know, Slinger Bag is unlike any tennis ball launcher out there. In addition to being cheaper than the competition, it comes with an innovative design that takes the form of a tennis bag.

We’ve tested a lot when it comes to tennis gear. And in our opinion, the Slinger Bag is the most practical of the lot as it has the most potential to improve your game. It’s a practice partner that always wants to play, that never gets tired and that helps you improve consistancy and develop your shots.

Pretty soon it will get even better.

Slinger Bag smartphone app

Currently the Slinger Bag does not come with smartphone software. But the team has been working with programmers, designers, tennis players to come up with something that sounds like it will be very useful.

Slinger Bag to get to get a tennis app that helps improve your technique

The project is currently in Beta but Slinger has shared some info and images of the app. You can see them above.

There are four tabs in the home display of the smartphone app. The first shows a News feed – we are guessing of Slinger related and other tennis news.

The second is the Drills area. The company is rolling out a large selection of exercises to help you improve your technique. There will be something for everyone as the material is catered to all player levels. The drills are curated from our an array of coach and player ambassadors.

Here’s an example of a Forehands Inside Out and Inside In drill. This one in particular is meant for Intermediate level players.

The next part of the app lets you Analyze your technique. The AI will look at your form from captured smartphone video and dish out insights. You will also be given a benchmark against yourself and how you are improving over time. This will be taken further to show how you stack up against your peers and the world’s top players.

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Finally, there will also be a Social aspect to the app. You’ll be able to share content for bragging rights, learn and share tips and connect with likeminded others.

How to get early access to the Slinger Bag app

This all sounds pretty exciting. It might the missing piece to an already great product.

If you want in on the Beta of the app, Slinger has provided a link. That takes you through to a short 3 minute survey which you will need to fill in. The company will then select number of existing customers to test out the software. The list will be published on June 25th.

The Slinger Bag can be purchased on this link. In the UK you can buy it here.

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  • Where do you stand on the roll out of the app?

    • They said is should be out soon.


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