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Fitbit Sleep Score, HRV & breathing rate not showing – fix available

A widespread issue seems to have appeared on June 27th for many Fitbit users. They are only seeing simplified sleep data. The HRV and breathing rate has also disappeared for some.

A typical Fitbit device shows a plethora of sleep stats in the morning. This includes sleep stage info, a Sleep Score and much more. However, there seems to be a bug that treats long sleep sessions as if they were naps. Which means users are only getting simplified data. The issue is on both iOS and Android phones.

Fitbit Sleep Score not showing

The Sleep Score glitch was first reported on June 27th and it seems to be affecting lots of users across a range of Fitbit devices. The company’s forums are littered with complaints, and there are a couple of Reddit threads on the topic that are growing by the minute.

Fitbit Sleep Score, HRV & breathing rate not showing – possible server issue


Earlier, the moderators on one Fitbit’s forums posted the default solution for such problems. We go into detail on the typical troubleshooting steps in a separate article.

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Basically the steps boil down to making sure you are wearing the device properly, making sure the device battery is not critically low and restarting the tracker. Most likely, you will find that none of these steps will resolve the problem.

HRV and BR data is missing from the Health Metrics dashboard

To make things even worse, some users are reporting they have not seen any heart rate variability (HRV) and breathing rate (BR) data since June 25th. Once again, it is a cross-device problem – users of Sense, Versa, Charge, Inspire are all reporting the bug.

Some have reported that even historical recorded data for BR and HRV is not accessible. This is not the case for skin temperature and SpO2 info which seems to be working just fine.

What to do

Right now you might be stuck with simplified sleep data and no HRV or BR info. But Fitbit knows about the issue and has reported things will start working properly again tomorrow morning. As suspected, it was a problem at their end.

There is an additional thing you can do to try and recover from the glitch which doesn’t require waiting for Fitbit. The steps are as follows:

  1. Make a note of the start time and end time of your sleep last night.
  2. Restart your Fitbit wearable.
  3. In the app, manually delete last night’s sleep session.
  4. Now manually add the start and end times for that sleep session.
  5. If things go well, you should receive the Sleep Score and other data for that night’s sleep.

Regardless whether you try this solution or not, things should be back to normal soon. Fitbit is working on fixing the server-end glitch so there’s no need for a software/firmware update. Whether this also resolves the missing HRV, BR data problem remains to be seen.

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One thought on “Fitbit Sleep Score, HRV & breathing rate not showing – fix available

  • i’ve just buied versa 3, i’ve downloaded last firmware but after three nights in fitbit app and in the smartwatch i see no data about frequency breathing, and HRV and body temperature….


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