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Xiaomi reveals NFC version of Xiaomi Mi Band 6 for European market

At today’s launch event, Xiaomi has announced a Xiaomi Mi Band 6 NFC iteration for the European market. It was launched alongside the Pad 5 productivity tablet.

We knew the payment-enabled fitness band was coming thanks to an earlier Italian certification agency registration. This is an update to the original device that was released into the wild back in March. An NFC version of the same has been available in China since then, but now that edition is making its way outside the country’s borders.

The band will be available in Italy and other EU countries. No word yet on a US unveiling, but it is bound to come at some stage.

Xiaomi took a similar route with generation 5, but in the end the NFC edition was made available only in a handful of countries. And that was about a year after the original launch. This time around we did not have such a long wait. Plus we should see wider availability.

New certification suggests Mi Band 6 NFC is about to land

How far that availability extends will depend on contracts the company has in place with its Mastercard partnership. We shall find out soon enough.

The Mi Band is one of the best known fitness trackers around. It comes with an ultra-low price tag meaning everyone can get into the health craze.

Generation six introduced a few interesting improvements over its predecessor. The main is the larger display which now occupies the entire front area. Plus the activity gadget comes with the addition of an SpO2 sensor for blood oxygen measurements, along with a handful of new sports modes. All the other features we have grown to love on the predecessor generation models are there. And all of this is also available on the NFC edition, so the only change is the addition of the payment chip.

If you’re never sported a fitness tracker, Mi Band 6 presents itself as a viable purchase. It is probably the best value budget activity band. The NFC variant costs around EUR55 ($65), so about $15-20 more than the original.

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