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How to get another free year of Fitbit Premium subscription

A user on Reddit has described a way to get another free year of the Fitbit Premium subscription. It is not clear whether this is a temporary glitch in the system or if the company is allowing users a second go at the trial.

Is Fitbit Premium worth it? We won’t delve into that question in this article as we did a detailed piece on the topic. The subscription costs $9.99 or $79.99 if you opt for the annual option. If you own one of the older Fitbit’s, the Premium subscription might not pique your interst. But those with newer devices can tap into much more detailed data as some of it sits behind the paywall.

Those who have never tried Fitbit Premium are entitled to a free 90-day trial of the service. That is meant to help them decide if the features are worth it to them. As long as you cancel before the trial is up, you won’t be charged. Also, those who purchase one of the newer devices are entitled to a free trial – this is typically one year.

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But a user on Reddit has discovered a way to get two free trial offers. When she bought her Fitbit a year earlier it came with a one year free subscription. She cancelled it a few months in and the premium service ended last week. Out of curiousity, she was browsing the app afterwards and noticed when choosing the “discover premium” section, that she was presented with two options.

One of these was “Monthly”, and the app said she had used that up already. The other was “Annual” and to her surprise – that option was marked as available! She activated it again and received another year of the free Premium subscription.

A number of other users on the Reddit thread have tried the same procedure and some of them have also received another free trial. In some cases it was 90 days in other cases six months and a few lucky ones got a full year. Some were offered no free trial.

So it seems to be a bit random. But if you have already tried Fitbit Premium, you might want to try this hack to see if you are entitled to another trial offer. Perhaps Fitbit is feeling generous, or maybe this is a temporary glitch in the system. Whatever the case it is worth having a go.

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