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Honor FreeBuds 3 Pro come with temperature measurement

As expected Honor has taken the veil off its FreeBuds 3 Pro with temperature measurement at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. Interestingly, this is a feature that has also been tested by Apple in AirPods prototypes.

The Spanish gathering is expected to be two to three times larger this year as compared to last year. The official start date was February 28th 2022 and the event concludes on March 3rd.

To remind, MWC in 2021 was held in a reduced format due to the COVID pandemic. It was also held later in the year then usually and the number of atendees was cut to 50,000. This is primarily a mobile industry and technology event but we do typically get some wearable tech bits and pieces.

Honor Earbuds 3 Pro

Honor has earlier teased on Weibo that it will be launching a new smart headset. Earbuds 3 Pro were unveiled alongside their flagship Honor Magic 4 smartphone at the opening day of MWC. Honor has also announced the Europe launch of its Watch GT3 Pro timepiece.

The interesting news about the buds is that they are the world’s first wireless earbuds equipped with a temperature measurement capability. We’ve seen temperature tracking fitness bands and smartwatches, but nothing so far that can do the same from the ear. The feature has gained in prominence due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Honor Earbuds 3 Pro
Image source: Honor

According to Honor, the $199 buds can take an absolute reading that has about an 80% chance of achieving a ±0.3 degrees Celcius or less error. You are able to tap three times on the buds to initiate an on-demand temperature measurements. The other option is to switch on the continuous measurement function. There’s also an abnormal temperature alert although Honor does say they still don’t have the necessary regulatory approvals for their product to serve for medical purposes.

In a sense, Honor’s product sounds like a more comprehensive solution than Fitbit’s approach which estimates skin temperature variation while you sleep. Unfortunately buds lack the convenience factor – you are not going to wear them around the clock. Hence, the usefulness of the function is questionable.

Beyond health, the headset will provide excellent quality sound and support full noise reduction. As far as looks, the buds support an in-ear design and round form-factor, very similar to the Honor Earbuds 2 SE. Honor has not disclosed whether/if FreeBuds 3 Pro will be available beyond the local market of China.

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We reviewed Honor Earbuds 2 Lite a few months ago and found them to be great value for money. They provide most things you need from a pair of wireless earbuds without going overboard on features. The sound quality is impressive, the buds are comfortable and the pairing process works well. This is coupled with long battery life that allows for a full 10 hours of music playback. Throw in charging case top-ups, and this climbs to a whopping 32 hours. 

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