Sensor packed Connected Scarf will be introduced to football fans

A sensor packed Connected Scarf will soon be made available to fans of Manchester City and other global football clubs. It will be able to track a range of physological indicators.

Next year clubs might go beyond launching the typical new kits, streetwear and training wear. Smart tech is all around us and it will soon be introduced into the fan experience.

Manchester City might be the first out of the box with a scarf capable of measuring heart rate, body temperature and emotional responses. The garment has a sensor from EmotiBit that is stitched into the thing to capture the data.

Currently in pilot testing, the device has been created to measure the highs and lows of the spectator experience. This would make it one of the first wearables to track how fans feel during the game!

It is clear what’s in it for the clubs – they will be more in tune with their supporters. The benefits that fans will get from purchasing the smart scarf are a bit less clear. Hence, the reaction on Twitter has been mixed.

The technology has already been trialled in Manchester City’s final games of last season. A total of six City fans were invited to try it out. The scarf captured 120 moments of interest during the matches.

Manchester City connected scarf

Cisco, which is the official technology partner of Manchester City Football Group, has partnered with Octagon agency to come up with the wearable. You are meant to wear it just like you would any scarf. The biosensor comes in contact with the neck from where it gathers the necessary data.

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If things go well with further trials, the Connected Scarf will be made available to Manchester City fans from next season. It will also be introduced to other global clubs.

“For more than 100 years, the scarf has been the ultimate symbol of football fandom,” Manchester City club said in a statement.

“It’s seen the highs and the lows; and captures the blood, sweat and tears of fans, week in and week out.”

“Now, together with our partner Cisco, we are excited to share an innovative upgrade to the scarf that allows us to measure those ups and downs and get a better understanding of the emotion at the heart of the world’s beautiful game.”

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