ZeroWheel is a smart, exercise wheel that can help boost your fitness

Announced on the opening day of CES 2023, ZeroWheel is a smart exercise wheel that can be used to tone your entire body. Developed by Neil Singer, a PhD from MIT and leading expert in advanced motor control technology, the gadget was inspired by the inventor’s own struggles with a back injury.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is well known for showcasing a wide variety of innovative inventions, including a plethora of fitness gadgets. It is fair to say, some quite unique exercise gear has appeared at CES over the years. This is a product that neatly fits in this category.

ZeroWheel: a portable, lightweight, smart exercise tool

The idea for the product was sparked by Dr. Singer and his personal trainer, Adam Cass. They noticed a lack of effective core training fitness accessories that were easily accessible, lightweight and portable. There was obviously a gap in the market to be filled. Dr. Singer was in a good position to create a solution due to his expertise in motor control. Step in ZeroWheel.


Put simply, this is a motorised, interactive exercise wheel – one that comes with smart functionality. The product is built to address the needs of some 80 people in North America looking to improve their fitness.

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Easy to operate, ZeroWheel lets users choose from four different operating modes. They range from substantial assistance to intense resistance. Providing assistance or resistance in multiple directions, the gizmo lets you train different muscle groups, from the abs to the triceps, calves and quads.

The smart element is the ability to link the device to your smartwatch or phone to track your progress and get insights. In that sense, ZeroWheel acts as a personal training guide.


Another thing that makes this product attractive is its portability. The device is lightweight and it has a small footprint. In that sense, ZeroWheel might make a great addition to a home gym. Or something that you can take with you to keep fit when away from home.

The ZeroWheel team encompasses a diverse range of experts. So far they’ve raised around a half a million US dollars towards product development. The plan is to expand on this in the near future with a $1.25 million seed round.

If this product sounds like something you can make use of, head over to the ZeroWheel website. They are starting to accept pre-orders from today from both businesses and consumers. Delivery is planned sometime this Fall. The company has also scheduled “pop-up” demonstrations in the coming months and has a few preliminary partnerships in place with high-end gyms.

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