Apple Watch X: Skipping Series 9 for a tenth anniversary celebration

Apple fans, brace yourselves for a new round of rumours on the tech giant’s next smartwatch. In September we may not get the anticipated Series 9, but rather the Apple Watch X which will run under watchOS 10.

Sometimes companies miss out on sequential numbering of products for superstitious reasons. That’s not the case here. The naming convention of Watch X will be to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the iPhone’s original unveiling by Steve Jobs.

This will, reportedly, be along the lines of what Apple did in 2017. Back then they skipped the iPhone 9 and instead released the iPhone X – or iPhone 10. The original iPhone was released in 2007.

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The information comes from French blog iPhoneSoft. Also a software developer with close ties to Apple, they claim they were invited to London back in 2014 to test a prototype of the first Apple Watch months before it was officially released.

Apple Watch X: More than an iterative upgrade

The French outfit apparently has a source at Luxshare in Vietnam. For those not in the know, Luxshare is a Chinese manufacturing company that has been a supplier of Apple for over a decade. They provide cable, connector and other components for items such as AirPods, HomePods, as well as Apple Watches. In Vietnam, Luxshare has a factory called Luxshare-ICT Vietnam which is one of the largest electronic connector manufacturers in the country.

The Luxshare source claims the Watch X will not only have a unique name, but also new capabilities and design elements to set it apart from previous models. That’s to be expected if this naming convention holds. Companies sometimes skip a number to signify a new beginning for a product.

So expect some headline grabbing features to mark the occasion. A blood glucose sensor would be a major selling point for diabetics. It is a feature that has long been speculated. There have also been hints that a blood alcohol sensor is in the works. Both of these could be added to the watch’s already impressive list of health monitoring capabilities.

Of course, longer battery life would also be nice. Is it likely? We’re not so sure.

Another area in which the Apple Watch X is expected to excel is fitness tracking. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts have long praised the watch’s capabilities. It is likely that the new version will include even more advanced performance tracking features.

Some design enhancements

While the source could not confirm whether the design would be similar to the Apple Watch Ultra, the company has been hard at work on new technologies. This includes microLED screens. However, this technology is unlikely to be included in the upcoming Apple Watch, with rumours claiming that the first Apple Watch to feature microLED will be the Ultra model in 2025.

The Apple Watch X is expected to have a flatter design, new case sizes, and special finishes such as titanium and ceramic models. The bracelets of the watch may also be updated, providing customers with even more customization options.

The Apple Watch has long been lauded for its life-saving features, including heart monitoring, fall detection, and emergency call capabilities. Regardless whether see the Apple Watch Series 9 or X in September, it is clear that Apple will continue to push the boundaries of what its smartwatch can do.

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