The Virgo helmet: Enhancing safety for E-bike riders

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Safety is the cornerstone of cycling, and the Virgo helmet is stepping up to meet this need. Tailored specifically for e-bike riders, the helmet’s design is a great blend of safety and performance. It offers full facial protection in the event of a head-on collision without compromising on style, weight or ventilation.

With the increasing popularity of electric bikes, the need for enhanced safety measures has never been greater. E-bikes, or electric bicycles, are a fantastic option for those who want to commute in a more eco-friendly way. They are also great for those who may need a little assistance due to age or physical limitations.

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They offer the convenience of traditional bicycles but with the added benefit of an electric motor to assist with pedaling. This means you can travel longer distances, tackle tougher terrains, and arrive at your destination without being drenched in sweat. However, the increased speed that e-bikes can reach necessitates a higher level of safety, which is where the Virgo helmet comes in.

Designed for enhanced safety

The helmet is constructed from a polycarbonate shell with a protective layer of EPS. This combination providing a balance of protection and lightness that keeps up with your activities. It’s designed around the new European regulation NTA-8776, which is made for high speeds up to 45 km/h (28 mp/h), and also complies with regular bike regulations EN 1078/CPSC.

On the front of the thing is a visor, securely fastened by two fixtures. It comes with interchangeable lenses to adapt to various weather and visibility conditions. A removable rear LED light is placed at the back of the head. It makes you more visible to drivers, keeping you safer than ever before.

Virgo helmet

The helmet also features something called the Multi-Impact Protection System (MIPS). This is a technology designed to reduce the rotational motion transferred to the brain in the event of a crash, thus reducing the risk of brain injury. Coupled with the helmet’s full-face design, this product provides enhanced protection beyond what traditional bike helmets offer.

Virgo helmet

Designed for all types of two wheeled vehicles, the Virgo helmet is not just about safety. It’s also about style. Available in four colours this is something designed to seamlessly fit into your daily life. Its unisex look and feel blends soft curves and sharp edges, providing modern and iconic protection that pairs well with any outfit and can integrate effortlessly with your bike’s style.

The Kickstarter project has been doing well since its launch. With two days left in the campaign, some €250,000 have been raised by 1,902 backers. A pledge of €90 will get one of these delivered to your doorstep in August. The device follows eight successful Kickstarter campaigns by its creators, who are committed to providing innovative and reliable products to the cycling community.

Price: €90 and up

Raised:€252,343 of €10,000 goal

Estimated delivery: August 2023
2 days to go

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