Polar Vantage V3: What the leaks reveal about the anticipated watch

While Polar has yet to officially confirm the existence of the Vantage V3, leaks and community discussions have already painted a vivid picture of what to expect. The information available is unofficial but has generated significant interest. There are even a few images of the upcoming device.

An earlier product listing discovered on a Brunei-based retail website suggests a mid-October launch in Europe. While the Vantage V2 set a high bar with its performance in areas like heart rate monitoring, GPS, and recovery metrics, the V3 is expected to push these boundaries further.

As first revealed on Reddit, the most recent leak comes from Polar’s Mexican website, where the Vantage V3 is listed at a price of 13,339 Mexican Pesos. This translates to around 550 USD after making adjustments for different countries’ pricing strategies.

This new info is particularly noteworthy because it comes from a regional website of the brand itself. This adds a significant level of credibility to the information. While still unconfirmed by Polar’s official channels, the Mexican website leak has fuelled discussions and speculations within the community.

Polar Vantage V3 features, pics

It seems Vantage V3 will offer some nice upgrades. This includes advanced measurement capabilities, design enhancements, offline maps and more. You can also see a few unofficial images. All of these have been posted on Reddit and are hosted on the social media platform. If they are removed, they will disappear from this article.

Advanced measurement capabilities

The Polar Vantage V3 is rumored to feature something called Polar Elixir. This a new measurement technology that promises to offer a unique combination of advanced biosensors. These will measure a variety of metrics, including enhanced detection of OHR (Optical Heart Rate), ECG (Electrocardiogram), SpO2 (Oxygen Saturation), and skin temperature. This aligns with Polar’s history of focusing on comprehensive health metrics.

This new info sheds light on a previously discovered trademark. Polar Elixir was registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) a few months ago. It was filed under two NICE Classes: 09 for scientific and electric apparatus and instruments, and 10 for medical apparatus and instruments. We initially suspected that Polar Elixir could be a new product line, but it seems not.

Display, design, and durability

The device comes with a 1.39-inch AMOLED display which boasts a sharp 462 ppi and is protected by curved Gorilla Glass 3. This makes it not only visually appealing but also durable, a crucial factor for a device meant to be worn during physical activities. Having said that, the bezel area around the display seems a bit large.

Battery life and power saving

The Vantage V3 will reportedly offer a long battery life, providing up to 53 hours of training time on a single charge. Additionally, it has a power-saving mode that can extend the training time to approximately 140 hours or around six days. These are nice figures which should offer flexibility for users who may not have frequent access to charging.

Offline maps and navigation

The device is also rumoured to feature offline maps powered by dual-frequency GPS. This is a first for Polar and could be particularly important for those who require reliable navigation in the great outdoors.

Given the advanced features and the high, yet unconfirmed, price point, the Polar Vantage V3 seems to be targeting a more dedicated user base. Whether it’s worth the investment will largely depend on individual needs and how one plans to utilize the extensive features. Until Polar makes an official announcement, all we can do is wait, watch and speculate.

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