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Meditate, move, and monitor with the YogiFi smart ring

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Harnessing wearable technology to elevate wellness, the YogiFi Smart Ring makes its debut on Kickstarter today. This innovative gadget embodies a holistic approach to health by combining physical, respiratory, and mental fitness tracking.

The YogiFi brand, already known for its intelligent yoga mat, enhances its product lineup with the Smart Ring, which promises to be an indispensable ally for yoga enthusiasts. Seamlessly syncing with the company’s smart mat, the ring promises feedback on a range of activities, from yoga to meditation. The thing even suggests stretches and breathing exercises, to support users in achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Yogifi smart ring

These features to do with the mindfulness aspect are what set this offering apart from other smart rings on the market. The ring tracks not only physical exertion and recovery but also a user’s mental and respiratory health.

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During yoga or meditation, the ring works in tandem with the YogiFi mat. It will report on activity time, calorie burn, and various heart rate metrics during your session. Mindfulness tracking provides users with insights into their meditative practices. This includes a unique mindful index and vagal tone—a marker of stress resilience.

A well-rounded device

Under the hood, Yogifi smart ring packs an accelerometer, heart rate monitor, blood oxygen level sensor, and a temperature monitor. Incorporating features for daily activity monitoring, such as step counting and calorie tracking, the device also tracks stress, sleep patterns, and more.

The device’s design is as thoughtful as its software. The ring, weighing just 2.4 grams, claims the title of the lightest smart ring available, yet it doesn’t compromise on functionality. It comes with a charging case capable of recharging the ring up to five times. This ensures the device keeps up with the user’s active lifestyle.

Yogifi smart ring

This innovation originates from Dhyana, a Hyderabad-based startup making strides in the wellness tech industry. The YogiFi Smart Ring looks to be the second generation of Dhyana’s technology, connecting with their smart yoga mat to provide an integrated wellness experience. Other Indian companies with recent smart ring entries include Ultrahuman and Noise.

With a special Kickstarter launch offer of 40% off the retail price, it’s an opportunity for early adopters to invest in their health. This follows the success of Yogifi’s smart mat in 2021. That device raised over $150,000 on Kickstarter, showcasing the company’s proven track record in bringing wellness technology to market.

Price: $149 and up

Funding goal: $10,000

Estimated delivery: January 2024
29 days to go

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