The transformation of Iris Smart Ring into VELIA

The Iris Smart Ring, a new entrant in the smart ring market, has undergone an important change before its upcoming launch. Renamed VELIA, the ring stands out for its unique feature of tracking blood pressure from the finger – a first in the smart ring category. This capability is coupled with a slimmer profile than many of its competitors.

Smart rings, in general, are gaining traction for their compact size and versatility. While major players like Apple, Fitbit, and Samsung are reportedly exploring this space, the current market leader, Oura, faces new competition from VELIA and other emerging alternatives like RingConn, Circular Smart Ring, UltraHuman Ring, and Movano Evie Ring. These brands aim to offer similar vital stats tracking but at a lower price point.

The transition to VELIA

The decision to rename the Iris to VELIA was, apparently, a legal necessity. Presumably another brand had rights to this name.

But this presented itself as an opportunity to redefine the product’s identity. The name VELIA, inspired by the Vela constellation, symbolizes a journey of discovery and innovation. This rebranding aligns with the company’s vision of exploring new frontiers in wearable technology.

The choice of VELIA as the new name is deeply symbolic. It represents a tapestry of possibilities in the realm of wearable tech. The name, meaning “sails of a ship” in Latin, embodies the spirit of embarking on an epic journey—mirroring the product’s journey from Iris to VELIA.

The big picture

What makes this ring particularly interesting is its blood pressure tracking feature. However, it’s worth mention that this won’t be available immediately at launch. The company has indicated that it will be introduced through an Over-The-Air (OTA) update subsequently. Initially, the focus is on launching the product successfully. There are plenty of other things to look forward to as the health stats the ring is capable of producing closely match the competition.

VELIA smart ring

VELIA is not only about functionality but also comfort and durability. The slim and lightweight device features a non-allergic, non-metallic interior and a long-lasting PVD coated metal exterior. Available in three colors – Obsydian, Titanium, and Aureate – it promises a combination of style and features.

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The Swiss-based company behind VELIA has already garnered significant interest, with more than 4,000 backers on Indiegogo and a substantial social community following. Despite potential challenges such as material availability, production issues, and app development hurdles, the company aims to ship the sizing kits in Q1 2024 and final rings from March 2024.

The ring is priced at £164 on the crowdfunding platform, including a lifetime subscription. The company also mentions an additional, yet-to-be-determined monthly subscription fee for retail versions, while maintaining a set of basic features for free.

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