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Rogbid Smart Ring challenges high-cost competitors

Rogbit has debuted its own smart ring offering adding its name to the plethora of companies entering this space in recent years.

The Chinese-based outfit, founded in 2016, has established a name for itself with its philosophy of “Wear Me Embrace The World.” Rogbid actually operates several firms with dealers in over 40 countries. It primarily focuses on design, production tooling, and manufacturing in the smartwatch field. For example, the company is well known for its competitively priced smartwatches like the Tank M3.

Rogbid Smart Ring – what you should know

Crafted with microcrystalline nano-ceramic, the Rogbid Smart Ring emphasizes comfort and style, ensuring a seamless fit for its users. It comes in eight sizes, ranging from 16.5 mm to 22.3 mm. In total there are four color variations, blending black and white with hints of silver or gold.

The ring’s features are a combination of health and lifestyle utilities. It includes a heart-rate monitor, SpO2 sensor, sleep tracker, body temperature monitor, and a menstrual cycle monitor. Moreover, the ring offers advanced health and fitness features such as trend mapping, progress monitoring, and interactive data exploration, making it a comprehensive tool for health-conscious users.

Rogbid Smart Ring

Its water resistance up to 50 meters makes it suitable for activities like bathing or swimming, enhancing its versatility. The inclusion of an Emergency SOS function adds a layer of security, which is a novelty for such devices.

The smart touch capabilities on the ring’s surface allow for easy control of compatible devices. This includes navigation, camera shutter control, and music playback. This type of integration is a step towards more interactive and convenient wearable technology.

The battery life is impressive. The ring lasts up to 7 days on a single 60-minute charge, addressing one of the common concerns in wearable tech regarding battery endurance.

Priced at $199.99 on the company’s website, with a $100 launch discount bringing the sale price to $99.99, the Rogbid Smart Ring is positioned as an affordable option in the smart ring space. This pricing strategy aligns with Rogbid’s approach to offering value-for-money devices. The company does sell some of its devices on Amazon, so it is possible the ring will be available on this retails platform.

A growing market

The smart ring market has seen a surge in manufacturer interest. Crowdfunding sites are playing a pivotal role in launching some of the most innovative products. Platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter have become crucial for startups and individual creators in validating product ideas and securing initial funding. Companies like Iris, RingConn, and Ultrahuman Ring Air have successfully utilized these platforms. These rings offer functionalities ranging from fitness tracking to contactless payments, making them versatile gadgets for modern users.

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Despite their growing popularity, smart rings face certain limitations, especially in exercise tracking. They excel in monitoring sleep patterns, stress levels, and overall wellness. But they lag behind smartwatches in providing accurate data for exercise. This is due to challenges like increased motion during workouts, the complexity of blood flow dynamics, interference from perspiration, and limitations in sampling rate due to smaller battery capacity.. These factors affect the accuracy of heart rate measurements and overall exercise tracking efficiency.

Taking everything into account, the Rogbid Smart Ring presents familiar health features and design elements that have been seen in previous products. Its standard metrics don’t bring much novelty to the table. Having said that, the smart touch capabilities and SOS function do offer some novelty. The ring’s other appeal likely lies in its affordable pricing and the recognition of the Rogbid brand in the market.

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  • Is this the same ring as boAt Smart Ring Gen 1? It’s gotten terrible reviews…

  • Rogbid lasted two weeks. Return is one week. Will not hold charge for 8 hours. TOFT


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