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Apple is reportedly crafting a smart ring to rival Samsung

Rumors of an “Apple Ring” have swirled for years. But a new report from Korea, originating with the Electronic Times, suggests Apple is taking the development of a smart ring seriously. The potential wearable would put Apple in direct competition with the Samsung Galaxy Ring, hinting at a growing market interest in the form factor.

While much speculation centers on the sleek design expected from Apple, the Electronic Times report emphasizes a focus on health tracking. This aligns with Apple’s established emphasis on wellness features in their existing lineup. The ring could offer users convenient monitoring of various biometrics, potentially improving upon even the capabilities of the Apple Watch.

Plus there’s the potential ability to include an NFC chip for contactless payments. We’ve written a number of articles in the past covering Apple’s patents on different smart ring variants.

If we do see an Apple smart ring, it will rival Samsung’s Galaxy Ring, marking another chapter in the tech giants’ competition. Could the “Apple Ring” do for rings what the Apple Watch did for smartwatches, catapulting it into mainstream consumer awareness? It’s a possibility that has companies like Oura Ring, who specialize in this sector, likely reassessing their design and features pipeline.

The appeal of tiny tech

Health benefits aside, the ring offers a level of discretion smartwatches often lack. This appeals to those who find a watch cumbersome or simply crave a less conspicuous style of wearable packed with features. It would be an ideal companion for those who like to wear a watch during the day, but would rather take it off when sleeping. Whether Apple envisions a minimalist accessory or one boldly sporting their renowned aesthetic remains to be seen.

As always, cost is a key concern with potential Apple products. It’s reasonable to wonder if an “Apple Ring” will demand a premium price tag. Could subscription services be tied to it, creating ongoing expenses beyond the initial purchase? We certainly hope not. These factors will heavily influence public reaction.

Apple Smart Ring
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Should you get excited?

That’s the million-dollar question. If you’re deeply ingrained in the Apple ecosystem, adore minimalist wearables, and prioritize features like improved sleep tracking, the Apple Ring may be the next tech darling on your wishlist. But, if you’re budget-conscious and find an Apple Watch does the trick already, maybe hold off before reaching for that credit card. Ultimately, the verdict rests on what Apple decides to pack into this miniature piece of wearable tech. And perhaps more importantly, the price of entry.

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Oura Ring, and more recently Ultrahuman Ring Air and RingConn have captured the bulk of the smart ring market. What has notably been absent so far is the entrance of big brands in this space. That is changing in 2024 with Zepp Health planning to launch its Amazfit Helio Ring in the Spring. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Ring is expected to land this Summer. If Apple were to release its own device, it would suddenly become a crowded market.

A screen less low-power alternative to smart watches isn’t a bad idea. Whichever company gets it right shall be known as the Lord of the Rings…!

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