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Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 9 gets first regulatory body mention

The first info on the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Band 9 has surfaced. Two models, with monikers M2345B1 and M2346B1, have received radio certification, indicating a soon-ish release.

Now, don’t let this come to you as a surprise. The Chinese tech-giant has been regular at issuing a new edition of the wearable pretty much every year. Like clockwork.

In our speculative piece from a few months ago, we wrote that the earliest we can expect generation nine is March 2024 in China. With a more likely release date in late May or early June. Expect the international launch to follow a few months after. Hopefully the wait for the international edition will not be as long as it was for Gen 8.

The certification process is a necessary stepping stone ahead of market launch. It ensures compliance with regulatory standards for wireless communication.

As shown below (via IT Home and Xiaomi Adictos), no useful information for our purposes can be gathered from the filing. But at least we know the monikers of the upcoming wearables (NFC and non-NFC variant). A quick search doesn’t reveal any other regulatory filings. Which leads us to believe the launch could still be at least a month or two away.

Xiaomi Mi Band 9 certification

No word yet on possible features

As far as features, Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 9 is speculated to carry forward the legacy of its predecessors with anticipated enhancements in design, display, battery efficiency, and fitness tracking capabilities. The exact specifics of these are still under wraps. And there have been no credible leaks.

Nevertheless, we can, once again, expect a focus on a wearable that provides a budget-friendly yet feature-rich experience. The device may also include improved app integration and NFC features that work in more countries.

What we probably won’t get, this time around, is an increase in display size. To remind, this has been bumped up in most of the previous years. The non-pro Gen 8 version has a 1.62 inch display, the * Pro a 1.74 inch one. This already borders on smartwatch territory.

More information will, no doubt, surface in the weeks ahead. A few more regulatory listings and perhaps a retailer leak or two!

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