Circul Ring: Bridging the gap with its stretchable design

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A plethora of smart ring campaigns have launched recently via crowdfunding platforms. The most recent additions include Ringo, Vera Ring and WHSP Ring. Now we can add one more name to this list – Circul Ring. Just launched on Indiegogo, the most novel thing about the device is its stretchable design.

While we are waiting for the big brands to get moving with their smart offerings, the lesser-known names are keeping us occupied. To remind, Zepp Health is due to launch the Amazfit Helio Ring in the Spring, and the Samsung Galaxy Ring is due to land this Summer.

Circul Ring’s Indiegogo debut

Ann interesting smart ring has launched today on Indiegogo. It promises to track the usual health metrics such as activity, sleep, blood oxygen, heart rate, HRV, and stress. Beyond that, the thing will also keep tabs on temperature changes and offer continuous blood pressure monitoring. The last item on this list is particularly intriguing as we are yet to see a smart ring that does this with any sort of success.

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As they say, the proof will be in the pudding. Until real-world tests come in, we are cautious on whether the ring will deliver on all its promises, particularly as the campaign is promising medical-grade measurements.

Stretchable design

Another interesting aspect of this ring is its design. According to the product page, the device has an adaptive sensor and form-factor which allows for a perfectly snug fit on your finger. Put simply, you can stretch the thing and shrink it – as best illustrated by the short video clip below. This feature should help with health tracking accuracy.

Regardless, the ring will be offered in a choice of sizes. Presumably, the stretching part only goes so far.

The device has an all-metal shell and is built from Aerospace-Grade materials. This is coupled with a 5 ATM water-resistance rating. No word yet on battery life – but most recent smart ring offerings come in at around 4-7 days between charges.

In this case, such battery life might be optimistic. We say this due to the promise of a one-second data update cycle. High sampling rates help with tracking accuracy, but they are very power-draining.

As far as price, early Indiegogo backers can enjoy a 42% discount. If all goes well, the $159 spent should get you a ring in a choice between black, silver, and dark gray by July.

What’s not entirely clear from this campaign whether the company behind this ring is Bodimetric, the makers of Circul+ which launched to mixed reviews a few years ago. Also, the funding goal of just $742 seems a bit suspect. Surely you need more than that to design and launch a smart ring! Unless the Indiegogo campaign is purely to raise awareness.

Price: $159 and up

Funding total:
$24,963 raised, funding goal $742

Estimated delivery: July 2024
30 days left in the campaign

View on:
amofit s

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4 thoughts on “Circul Ring: Bridging the gap with its stretchable design

  • I have been testing the Circul Sense ring for almost two months and have enjoyed the fit and functionality.

  • To be fair it all smells as scam and marketing….
    That low fund required is totally used 1st for marketing to put a tittle as being funded in seconds… even a single person can pay that 1 second after the campaign goes live….
    Also i think it makes everyone who pays unable to get the money back since some campaigns do the “return money if not totally funded”

    Also they just put a video of manufacturer and tests and say 100 users are testing… including some user that just posted a comment…. but not a single app usage screen?
    I mean if what the comment here is true and really enjoyed the functionality it should be their priority to just post as much as they can of screenshots of the app and the ring… that fore sure will give them a huge traction and funding from people…. instead they hide behind words only with all those accomplishments!

    Specially when all other ring indiegogo (velia, ring one, etc) are facing big delays and they don’t take advtange on that since they advertise they are so far ahead already?….

    Sorry but that’s just a scam for sure and they just have a prototype and not even that maybe…. so the production part it’s just complete lie!!

    These days instead of a landing page to put your e-mail and show interest, people just create a funding campaign with fake things and people loose money there….
    Really hope the indiegogo and kickstart change their policies and start to ask for a bit more proof of existence than proof of concept when ask for 100$+ campaign or they will totally loose credibility =/

    • Yes, caution is always advised before investing in crowdfunded projects. No guarantees you will get the product.

  • I have not received the product


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