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Kuura Smart Ring launches on Kickstarter

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Get ready for a new contender in the smart ring space! The Kuura Ring has launched its Kickstarter campaign, promising a sleek alternative to bulky smartwatches. The company, known for its range of existing smartwatches, is aiming to capture the attention of those who want in-depth health insights without sacrificing style. Early backers are able to lock in a $99 Super Early Bird price, a substantial 50% off the anticipated retail cost.

Like other offerings in the market, the Kuura Ring promises a deep dive into your wellness. Beyond the standard step counting and heart rate monitoring, it boasts features like in-depth sleep analysis, stress and fatigue tracking, enhanced workout insights, and temperature and blood oxygen monitoring. This comprehensive approach aims to give users a holistic picture of their health.

Of course, it’s worth exercising caution with any crowdfunded project. While exciting, there are no guarantees in the crowdfunding world. It’s essential to be aware of the potential risks before investing. What gives confidence in this case is the fact that the company already has a few wearables under its belt.

Looking information that is available, the Kuura Ring appears in line with existing offerings. While its sleek design and Nordic roots might set it apart aesthetically, it doesn’t really bring anything new to the table

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Available in sizes 6-13 (US), the ring boasts a lightweight titanium alloy outer shell that weighs a mere 3 grams. An epoxy resin inner filling ensures complete water resistance, adding practicality to its elegant form. Backers of the Kickstarter project are able to choose from three premium finishes – black, gold, or silver.

Kuura smart ring
Kuura smart ring

If you’re passionate about minimalist wearables and want to support a new contender in the smart ring space, the Kuura Ring’s Kickstarter might be worth your attention. The wearable does undercut other similar offerings in price, and it includes a lifetime membership to the Kuura app. The campaign is off to a flying start and is already into the six figures as far as funds raised.

Price: $99 and up

Funds raised: $114,395 out of $10,000 goal.

Estimated delivery: July 2024
37 days to go

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