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Samsung Galaxy Ring: Premium price, but is a subscription hiding in the fine print?

First teased at CES 2024, the Samsung Galaxy Ring promises to be a powerful health tracker, packed with advanced features and sporting Samsung’s signature sleek design. However, there’s talk that the ring may come with a hefty price tag and, potentially, a recurring subscription fee.

A subscription model?

According to leaker Yogesh Brar, the Galaxy Ring could debut in the US with a price between $300 and $350. This puts it in the same price range as the Oura Smart Ring. While this price may be justified by the advanced technology packed into the ring, it does raise the question of accessibility for those on a budget.

Adding to the concerns about cost is the potential for a subscription model. While Samsung has not officially confirmed this, reports from Android Authority suggest that the company may require users to pay a monthly fee of under $10 to access certain features or unlock the full potential of the ring. 

This approach mirrors that of Oura, which requires a monthly subscription to access all of its features. But it is unlike other companies such as Zepp Health, RingConn and Ultrahuman. They did not go down the subscription route for their smart ring offerings.

While a subscription model can provide a recurring revenue stream for companies, it can also be a source of frustration for consumers who are already paying a premium for the device itself. We hope that Samsung will reconsider this approach and offer all of the Galaxy Ring’s features without additional on-going fees.

Potential features and release date

Despite the potential downsides of the price and subscription model, there’s no denying the Galaxy Ring’s potential as a powerful health tracker. Expected features include continuous heart rate tracking, blood oxygen level detection (SpO2), and even a rumored ECG sensor. These features, combined with Samsung’s renowned Health app integration, could make the Galaxy Ring a great pairing for the company’s watch.

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The device is most likely to make its debut in mid to late July alongside the launch Galaxy Watch 7 range. That one is expected to come in the vanilla variant, Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra and a cheaper Galaxy Watch FE. While the potential for a high price and recurring fees may deter some, the promise of advanced health tracking in a stylish package could make the Galaxy Ring a compelling choice for many.

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