Ronaldo’s WHOOP reveals fascinating insights during Portugal’s victory

Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo’s heart rate was tracked using WHOOP during Portugal’s intense match against Slovenia in the Euro 2024 tournament. The results offer a rare glimpse into the physiological state of one of the world’s top athletes during high-pressure situations.

Ronaldo, who recently became an official global ambassador and investor for WHOOP, wore the device throughout the match. The game against Slovenia proved to be a gruelling test for Portugal. After a 0-0 draw in normal time and extra time, the match went to penalties. Portugal ultimately secured a 3-0 shootout victory, with goalkeeper Diogo Costa making three crucial saves.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Ronaldo’s WHOOP data was his heart rate during the penalty shootout. Despite missing a penalty during regular play, Ronaldo’s biometrics showed a remarkable ability to compose himself when it mattered most. Just moments before taking his penalty in the shootout, Ronaldo’s heart rate dropped significantly. This indicates he had entered a state of flow – a psychological state characterised by full immersion and focus.

Christiano Ronaldo Whoop

This ability to regulate his physiological response in high-pressure situations is a testament to Ronaldo’s mental fortitude and years of experience at the highest level of the sport. It also demonstrates the potential of wearable technology like WHOOP to provide insights into the mind-body connection in elite sports.

At 39 years old, Ronaldo continues to perform at an elite level, largely due to his legendary discipline and work ethic. In partnering with WHOOP, Ronaldo has integrated the device into his training, sleep, and recovery routines. He claims the impact has been “transformative,” calling it “one of the most important tools” in elevating his game and monitoring his day-to-day health.

Ronaldo isn’t the only high-profile soccer player benefiting from WHOOP’s technology. Virgil van Dijk, another global ambassador for the brand, has been sharing his sleep and recovery insights throughout the Euro 2024 tournament. For instance, before the Netherlands’ opening match against Poland, van Dijk’s WHOOP recorded an impressive sleep performance of 8 hours and 17 minutes. That equated to a 100% Whoop Sleep Score.

Final word

While WHOOP is used by elite athletes like Ronaldo and van Dijk, its benefits extend to a broader audience of regular folks. As noted in our hands-on review, the device’s focus on recovery and sleep quality makes it particularly valuable for those who tend to push themselves hard in training.

WHOOP helps users understand when their body is ready for intense training and when it needs rest. It provides detailed sleep data, helping users improve their sleep quality and duration.

One of WHOOP’s most valuable features is its journal, which allows users to track how various lifestyle factors affect their performance and recovery. This includes diet, supplements, alcohol consumption, and other variables.

For those who take their fitness seriously but aren’t professional athletes, WHOOP can be useful. It teaches the importance of recovery and sleep, often overlooked aspects of fitness.

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