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The Loop Crystal – Polar delivers the Swarovski flair

Swarovski isn’t just teaming up with Misfit anymore.

Polar has now joined forces with the Austrian retailer and designer of fashionable jewelry to offer up the Loop Crystal, aimed primarily at women. The new tracker combines the same technology found inside the Loop 2, with the addition of a high fashion aesthetic.

According to Polar, “Loop Crystal is embellished with 30 Swarovski crystals inlaid into two polished stainless steel decorative bezels. The white, soft silicone textured bracelet is customizable, and secured with a small stainless steel buckle. A touch button activates the Loop Crystal’s display, consisting of 85 individually placed LED lights, and allows users to change between views.”

On the tech side, the Loop Crystal’s functionality matches the Loop 2. The fitness tracker will measure your activity, training, steps, calories and your sleep patterns. It also includes the Polar specific Activity Guide, which supports you with motivational feedback to help you reach your daily goals.

The device, however, does not include a GPS. There is also no heart rate monitor, but Polar have told us that it will pair with the Bluetooth Polar H7 heart rate tracker for that sort of thing.

Polar will put the Loop Crystal on sale in November through its own website and various retailers around the world.

This news follows Polar’s recent announcement of its Polar A360 fitness tracker – a new tracker that is designed for those that want something a little more involved. The A360, a beautiful water-resistant fitness tracker, is Polar’s first device to have both a wrist-based heart rate monitor as well 24/7 activity tracking.

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