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ScoreBand Pro makes remembering who’s ahead a breeze

How many times have you forgotten the score of a tennis match? Has this ever caused an argument with the opponent?

Thankfully, there is a wearable now that remembers the score so that you don’t have to. The tiny device keeps score when playing golf and tennis and also has a generic scoring mode that can be used for other sports such as soccer, running, biking, volleyball, and many more. According to the ScoreBand pro website, the new watch builds on the original model having incorporated feedback from customers, reviews by the industry experts and the input gathered from thousands of user surveys.

Although, the basic functionality of the Pro and the original Play ScoreBands remain the same, the new device has some enhanced functionality and additional features. The main new feature on the Pro version is the addition of a stop watch. The form factor has also changed and the Pro is larger with a bigger LCD screen and two additional function buttons on the left side. No larger than a standard wristwatch, this comfortable and lightweight wristband has a smaller profile many sportswatches. Those that want nothing more than the simplicity of entering their score rather than writing it down should find the large buttons easy to find and press when needed.

The device has three different scorekeeping modes suitable for different sports and a stopwatch mode:

  • Golf mode tracks hole and round score, running total of strokes display, post-round score summary of front 9/back 9/hole-by-hole, and elapsed time of round (hole-by-hole).
  • Tennis mode provides point-by-point scorekeeping with set view, match summary, serve indicator and tie-break scoring option.
  • All score mode provides point-by-point scorekeeping and post-game summary for any sport.
  • Stopwatch mode has standard start/stop/split features and 10 lap count capacity.

ScoreBand Pro makes remembering who’s ahead a breeze

The Pro can also be used as a standard watch. The time mode shows time, date, seconds with 12/24 hour mode option.

ScoreBand Pro makes remembering who’s ahead a breeze
Image source: ScoreBand

Conveniently, all modes are accessible and usable at the same time, meaning that you can use the stopwatch for detailed timekeeping while still keeping score. Also, modes can be hidden by the user, making cycling through much quicker for multi-tackers.

ScoreBand Pro makes remembering who’s ahead a breeze
Scoreband Pro Watch
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ScoreBand Pro makes remembering who’s ahead a breeze

The watch features a backlight and is water resistant up to 3ATM. The Pro has got a replaceable 3 Volt Lithium battery and contains a “hibernate” mode to conserve battery life as well as a low battery indicator. The Pro comes comes in three different sizes; small, medium and large.

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