Pivot: the motion capture wearable for tennis

Pivot: the motion capture wearable for tennisThe Pivot tennis tracker promises to improve a player’s game by recording 360 degree motion, preventing injuries and collecting statistics on a wide range of performance metrics including footwork, body position, elbow bend, knee bend, and more. While current products attach one sensor to a tennis racquet, Pivot uses multiple sensors to recreate joint and body movements. The sensors attached to different areas of the body or clothing.

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The device records full body movements by leveraging multiple 9-axis sensors and proprietary data capture software. Each sensor has an accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer to process up to 1000 data samples per second. You can watch back the action and see the analysis on the companion app. The technology alerts players of improper technique to prevent patterns that cause chronic injuries.

Price: $299

Funding in progress:
$214,867 USD total funds raised
274% funded on January 23, 2016

Estimated delivery: August 2016
[update 29/10/16 shipping has started]


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Pivot: the motion capture wearable for tennis

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