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Lumo run sensor can smarten up your shorts

Lumo Run is a small and discreet sensor that measures and coaches you on your running form to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. This standalone sensor, which measures only 25g, clips onto the back of the waistband and works with any pair of running shorts.

The small but powerful sensor is waterproof, machine washable, and lasts up to at least one month on a single charge. The sensor contains 9-axis IMU, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer, and a low-energy Bluetooth vibration motor. Basically, this is the same technology that is embedded in to the waistband of the company’s smart running shorts.

Apparently, transitioning to the standalone sensor was not a straightforward process.

“Previously, our garment helped to control the sensor placement on the PSI — the optimal location for capturing accurate biomechanics, but after spending the last several weeks iterating on several designs, form factors and tweaking our algorithms, we’re excited to announce that we’ve found a way to accommodate the flexibility of a stand-alone sensor that clips on to the back of any running garment while still maintaining the same level of accuracy in the data captured.”

Lumo run sensor can smarten up your shorts
Image source: Lumo

The device can measure a whole host of metrics including cadence, bounce, ground contact time, braking, pelvic rotation and stride length. Using these metrics, Lumo Run offers run summaries for each run through the Lumo Run app, auditory coaching via headphones during the run, and personalized coaching tips to help the runner improve form for better performance and injury prevention.

The Lumo startup first launched the Lumo Lift, a posture coach and activity tracker two years ago. Last year it made its entry into the world of smart clothing with Lumo Run.

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