Leaked images of Samsung’s new Gear Fit 2 tracker surface online

If pictures leaked online are to be believed, Samsung is preparing two new products. A second generation Gear Fit fitness tracking band and a pair of cordless Bluetooth earbuds.

Apparently, the images of what’s to come were released by a person testing the items and published on VentureBeat. The full specifications of the new products were not shared, which means this is a best-guess based on the leaked images.

The Fit 2 follows in the footsteps of the 2014 Gear Fit tracker, Samsung’s first dedicated fitness wrist band. The Fit 2 will still sport a curved Super AMOLED display, but the new model will be even curvier to contort better to your wrist. This time around, there will also be a dedicated GPS chipset, which will improve the accuracy of its distance tracking. The other features are likely to be the same, so expect the inclusion of standard fitness tracking sensors and a heart rate monitor.

Leaked images of Samsung’s new Gear Fit 2 tracker surface online

The second product is the successor to the Gear Circle headset. The new Gear IconX are completely wire-free touch-controlled earbuds. The buds double as both a fitness tracker and a standalone digital music player, and have 4GB of onboard memory to help them perform these functions. They will also come with a case to keep them juiced up when you are not wearing them.

We dont have any specifics on cost or a potential release date but will report if we hear anything new.

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