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UA HealthBox now available for purchase in Europe

Under Armour, the US giant in sports apparel, has recently launched a family of fitness devices with partner HTC, a product called HealthBox.

HealthBox combines a fitness tracker with a heart-rate strap and a smart scale. All of these are intended to be used with the updated Record smartphone app, which can also work with other fitness trackers.

The UA Band is capable of all the usual activity tracking features, including step counting and sleep monitoring, along with a heart rate monitor. Alongside the Band is the UA Scale which joins an increasingly crowded market of connected scales. This is a sleek, glass-covered device that is able to recognise up to 8 users. In addition to weight, it can monitor body fat. Interestingly, the scale has speaker notifications to give you audible updates on progress and a welcome in the morning.

Finally, there is the UA Heart Rate chest strap which will provide you with more precise heart rate measurements than the band, and will let you track workout intensity and heart rate zones.

UA HealthBox now available for purchase in Europe
Image source: Under Armour

While the Healthbox has received a lukewarm reception, there is lots of potential. Sales have apparently been doing well enough to warrant expanding outside the US.

As of today, you can purchase Under Armour’s family of fitness devices in Europe and the UK. In the meantime, US customers have seen a limited time reduction in price to $350. In Europe, the retail price is set at around £350 for the three devices, while the Band on its own retails for £149.


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