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Make your tennis racket intelligent with the Smart Dampener

We have written extensively on gadgets and sensors to help you improve your tennis game. This market was virtually non-existent only a few years ago. Today we have trackers from Babolat, Sony and Zepp to name a few.

Courtmatics is the latest company to join the effort to help you perfect your game. The US based company is working on a tennis accessory called the Smart Dampener. Basically, the gadget looks like a standard vibration dampener, but hidden in the 23cm x 12.5cm casing are sensors that churn out data on your fitness, footwork and shots.

The data is synced to your smartphone app where you can log in after your match to see calories, steps, and distance covered on the court, as well as analysis of your serves, ground strokes, and volleys. The gadget will provide you with information on how well you move on the court and your set up for shots. Apparently, Smart Dampener also monitors your string tension and advises when its time to adjust or replace strings.

Make your tennis racket intelligent with the Smart Dampener
Image source: Courtmatics

Smart Dampener actually reminds us quite a bit of the Qlipp Tennis sensor which we reviewed a few weeks back. Qlipp also attached to the strings of a tennis racket and serves as a dampener while collecting data about your game.

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The Courtmatics device comes in three colours – Blue, Red and Green and works on any tennis racket. It is made of silicon and has an upper-coating of magnesium. The $79 tennis stroke analyser is currently in beta testing, and is planned for launch this autumn. In the meantime you can sign-up on the Courtmatics website for updates.

Still not sure how it works? Check out the video below.

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