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Swim Safe: the neck device that protects your children

Believe it or not, a child can drown in less than 5 centimetres of water. And sometimes, it can happen less than 2 minutes after his or her head goes under the water. Even kids who know how to swim can drown, so its important to know and teach your children how to be safe around water.

Drowning is the second most common cause of death from injuries among kids under the age of 14. Many drownings happen when a kid accidentally falls into a swimming pool, but accidents can happen anywhere and at anytime.

Luckily with the advent of wearables, you can take precautions. The latest device to hit the market is called SEAL Swim Safe. The company originally funded development of the product through IndieGogo back in 2013.

Its a simple setup. This is a band that is worn around the neck. If a child is submerged under the water for too long, the device signals the connected hub to let parents know that something is wrong. Apparently, the signal from the hub can bounce off up for several hundred feet.

Swim Safe: the neck device that protects your children
Image source: SEAL

Depending on your child’s swim level, you can choose from 4 different swim levels by setting the band to Green (toddler/non-swimmer), Blue (learning to swim), Purple (more advanced swimmer) and Orange (Guard Level – this Band will now act as an additional Hub, alarming a parent or lifeguard no matter where they are in the vicinity.). The hub can be set to signal when it is submerged by as little as 15 seconds, or as long as 45 seconds. For the overprotective amongst us, you can even customize the alarm so that it signals whenever it is submerged.

Gizmondo reports that this setup has been used by YMCAs all over the country. The band comes in various colours and it’s light to wear around the neck. Gizmondo also attests that the wearable is not a choking hazard and that it is ‘super easy to remove’.


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