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Bowflex smart dumbbells remove the need for manual tracking

The fitness arena has definitely changed with a slew of activity trackers hitting the market. The latest gym wearables remove the burden of manual tracking and can identify your exercises and guide you on your form, then record reps and essential data to showcase your workouts in unprecedented detail. These are typically trackers such as the Atlas Wristband 2 and GymWatch that attach to your arm, or devices such as Beast which is secured via a small magnet to barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells or gym machines.

It however, doesn’t stop here. It was inevitable that sooner or later someone would came up with the idea of building sensors directly into gym equipment.

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Bowflex emerged in 1986, as the maker of home exercise gyms capable of performing dozens of exercises in short amounts of time at home. Today, they are one of the best known fitness brands, encompassing a broad range of strength and cardiovascular equipment. The brand sits under the umbrella of Nautilus, a a global fitness solutions company headquartered in Vancouver, Washington.

Earlier this year, the company showcased its SelectTech 560 Dumbbells at the CES trade show in Las Vegas. The first ever smart dumbbells feature a built-in accelerometer to track the number of reps a user completes, the weight lifted and calories burned. They also feature audible cues when a rep is completed properly.

As with Bowflex’s other dumbbells, the smart model features a weight-changing mechanism which lets you easily adjust weight from 5 to 60 pounds. The two dumbbells essentially replace a whole set of 32 dumbbells. A definite space saver if you are running short of space.

Bowflex smart dumbbells remove the need for manual tracking
Image source: Bowflex

After your workout, your data is automatically transferred via Bluetooth to the Bowflex smartphone app, where you can track your progress and set goals. The app also includes a video library of exercises and pre-loaded workouts to help newbies.

“Our goal with the Bowflex SelectTech 560 Dumbbells was to revolutionize a product our customers already trusted by incorporating advanced technology to further meet their strength training needs,” said Tom Moran, Vice President, Advanced Development, Nautilus, Inc.

Do we really need smart dumbbells? With a $499 price tag? We are not so sure. But it may be an attractive investment for gyms or fitness salons. In any case, the smart dumbbells are just a stepping stone to the gym of the future, where everything around you will be connected in some way.

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