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Now you can train like the pros with Whoop

Whoop is the first scientifically-grounded system designed for continuous wear that provides athletes with data to reduce injuries and predict peak performance. Only sold to professionals, the system is now available to the general public.

Whoop describes itself as “a system robust enough to prepare a Navy SEAL for battle, but with the form factor and design that the average athlete would be comfortable wearing 24 hours a day.” Many professional athletes as well as the US Military use the device.

The company says, some 20 athletes competing in the Rio Olympics in a few weeks time, including front-runners like swimmer Ryan Lochte, wrestler Adeline Gray, and beach volleyball team Casey Patterson and Jake Gibb, are training on the sports performance platform.

The important difference between Whoop and a Fitbit or Jawbone is in the analysis. By applying predictive analytics, Whoop helps athletes better understand their bodies and how they recover after a hard game or workout. The ultimate aim of the system is to reduce injuries and predict peak performance. The second generation device now incorporates full automation, so there is no need manually enter data.

“After seeing such success with elite athletes, we’re very proud to be able to share our performance optimization system with the public,” said Will Ahmed, Founder and CEO of WHOOP.

“For the first time, every athlete will be able to get actionable data, measure strain and recovery and optimize travel and sleep – all so that they can reduce injury and improve performance.”

Core to the system is a wristband that is designed to be worn continuously. The activity tracker measures key performance variables more than 100 times per second, 24 hours a day, including strain, recovery and sleep.

Now you can train like the pros with Whoop Now you can train like the pros with Whoop

The system is already getting accolades from elite athletes, who credit it with helping them fine-tune their peak performance.

“Over my many years on the national team I’ve learned that training for the Olympics is more than just long hours in the pool and weight room,” said five-time Olympic gold medalist and current world record holder, Ryan Lochte.

“Much of your success in the pool comes from what you do outside of it. WHOOP has given me insight into my sleep and recovery which ultimately helped push my training to new levels.”

The benefits of using the device are clear. A study of NCAA athletes using the system found that athletes started sleeping an additional 41 minutes each night, reduced reported injuries by 60%, reduced self-reported illnesses by 53 %, lowered resting heart rate 4.4 BPM, increased heart rate variability by 8 milliseconds, reduced alcohol use before bed by 79%, reduced caffeine use by 86%.

Whoop is an innovative company that is making it obvious that when it comes to professional sports, wearables are the future. So if you want to train like a pro and have $500 to spend, head over to the Whoop website for more info or to pre-order (for a December delivery).


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