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Lumo Run jogging sensor starts shipping today

Today Lumo Bodytech announced the general availability of Lumo Run, a small and discreet sensor that measures and coaches you on your running form to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. The device has been available for pre-sale since October 2015.

This standalone sensor, which measures only 25g, clips onto the back of the waistband and works with any pair of running shorts. The tracker is water-resistant, machine washable, and lasts up to at least one month on a single charge.

The sensor contains 9-axis IMU, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer, and a low-energy Bluetooth vibration motor. Basically, this is the same technology that is embedded in the waistband of the company’s smart running shorts.

Lumo Run jogging sensor starts shipping today
Image source: Lumo Bodytech

The main focus is all on improving the way in which you run. You will get real-time feedback on a whole host of running metrics including:

  • Cadence: how frequently your foot contacts the ground every minute.
  • Bounce: the up and down movement your body experiences while you run.
  • Ground Contact Time: the amount of time your foot stays on the ground during each step.
  • Braking: the decrease in speed your body experiences on each step.
  • Stride Length: the distance between the initial ground contact of one foot to when that same foot hits the ground again.
  • Pelvic Rotation: how much your pelvis tilts on three axes. It is a measure of how stable your core is.

Using these metrics, Lumo Run offers run summaries for each run through the Lumo Run app, auditory coaching via headphones during the run, and personalized coaching tips to help the runner improve form for better performance and injury prevention.

“As a long distance runner myself, I’m acutely aware of the role that proper form and good biomechanics play in an overall positive running experience,” said Monisha Perkash, co-founder and CEO of Lumo Bodytech.

“The reality is that many runners don’t have access to a professional coach, so it’s impossible for them to get actionable feedback on their form. Lumo Run solves that problem by measuring sophisticated biomechanics, giving actionable coaching tips and advice, and pushing runners of all levels to reach their peak levels of performance.”

Lumo Run already has the support of top running athletes and coaches including Mark Allen, Meredith Kessler, Matt Dixon, Matt Fitzgerald, Greg McMillan, and Dr. Bryan Heiderscheit.

“Even the most mindful runners find it difficult to accurately tell if they’re maintaining proper form,” said Matt Fitzgerald, a renowned endurance running coach, certified sports nutritionist and best-selling author.

“Lumo Run is a game-changer for runners looking to improve performance by determining where they can adjust their form, and offering actionable feedback to help make those changes a reality.”

The Lumo startup first launched the Lumo Lift, a posture coach and activity tracker two years ago. Last year it made its entry into the world of smart clothing.

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