Image source: VERT

VERT: measure your jump with US volleyball team official wearable for 2016 Olympics

Image source: VERT

VERT is an innovative new device addressing a rather unique niche market.

The wearable tracks and shares real-time stats on your jumps. This includes vertical height, average height, highest vertical and total jumps during a game. You can use this little gadget for any sport that involves jumping such as basketball, volleyball, hurdle jumping, and martial arts. Or you could use it to monitor jump rope exercises and warm ups or to compete amongst your friends.

Vertical jump testing has traditionally depended on special jump board fixtures or stationary equipment. This gadget makes tracking easy.

The wearable is strapped around your waist or chest, similar to a heart-rate monitor. You can attach is either via the VERTclip or integrate it within an article of clothing.

The device uses a very high precision 3X gyroscope and 3X accelerometer to count and measure your jumps. As athletes, especially youth athletes, train on a year-round basis, coaches, parents and players alike, have come to understand the importance of injury prevention. VERT units can calculate motion in all directions, and does so through a proprietary algorithm that contains more than 53 simulations to measure vertical height. The device itself is unnoticeable, but allows coaches and players to monitor jumps in practices, games, tryouts and workouts.

The information is stored and can be accessed through a smartphone app or web dashboard. Also, at any point in practice or during the game, you can hold down a button on the side of the device and it will provide you with statistics on your jumps up to that point.

Head over to the smart app for much more detailed information. The mobile app shows you a wide range of data views, and also includes a social media function to share your stats with friends.

There is also something the company calls ‘book-bag mode’. Leave your smart device in your book bag and play your game. Vert will re-sync later on and push your data to the app and on your account.

Image source: VERT

The US Volleyball team wears these little jump-tracking devices during practice to track and measure how much, how high and how hard they jump. In fact, VERT is their official sports wearable for Rio 2016 Olympics.

“VERT is going to help our team train smarter and train better,” says Karch Kiraly, head coach for the US Women’s National Team.

The device provides motivation during practice with leaderboards, and provides optimal practice time by measuring jump impact on players.

“VERT has been an important part of our training as we keep track of our workload on the court, especially for athletes who might be coming back from injuries,” said Christ DIETZEN, Captain and Middle on the US Women’s National Team.

We are grateful for this cutting edge technology that will help athletes for years to come.”

VERT: measure your jump with US volleyball team official wearable for 2016 Olympics
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VERT: measure your jump with US volleyball team official wearable for 2016 Olympics

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