Image source: FORM Lifting

FORM Collar: a smart device to help you with barbell lifts

FORM Collar: a smart device to help you with barbell lifts
Image source: FORM Lifting

There are a number of wearables designed to assist you with your gym workouts. They vary quite widely in the way that they work and the metrics that they track.

The newest kid on the block is called FORM Collar. This is a smart device that helps you improve both the form and performance of all barbell lifts. The device can not only track speed and force, but also whether the lifter is using proper form.

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The FORM Lifting team developed the gadget in the gym, collaborating with all levels of athletes and seeing their differing proficiencies in both form and performance. To raise funding for the project, earlier this year they launched a Kickstarter campaign that managed to raise over $100,000 from around 500 backers.

The collar itself is a regular Lock Jaw Pro Collar. You simply screw in the actual module from the back. The weight collar holds weights on the barbell as it streams data to your mobile device in real time. The module contains 7 integrated motion sensors including an extra sensor that other similar devices don’t have. FORM Collar uses a barometric altimeter to get data about the height of the barbell.

When using the device, you don’t need to type anything on the phone apart from the weight you will be lifting. You can easily move into your next rep and it will continuously track your workout. The module includes a light indicating whether it’s connected to Bluetooth and whether it’s on the bar. There is also a port for a mini USB charging cable as it is powered by a rechargeable battery.

FORM Collar: a smart device to help you with barbell lifts
Image source: FORM Lifting

With the FORM Lifting app on your mobile device, you receive instant feedback to help improve lift speed, strength, and safety. You can then improve your technique and identify strength imbalances by fine-tuning specific parts of your lifts.

The company says, FORM Collar is the first device that can actually give you metrics on individual parts of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. This allows you to tailor your technique by fine tuning the first to second pull transition, hip drive, and speed underneath the bar all while increasing your explosiveness for squats and accessory lifts.

With cloud-based storage you can refer back to a single lift or an entire lifting session without ever having to take out a notebook. Similar to the Beast Sensor, the Form Collar analyzes velocity, force production, acceleration and more to give you insights into when to push and when to back off your training.

You can only pre-order the device at the moment. According to information on their Kickstarter page – its about to start shipping any day now.

In the meantime check out the video below.

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