Image source: Huami

Amazfit: Taking fashion forward wearable tech up a notch

Amazfit: Taking fashion forward wearable tech up a notch
Image source: Huami

Amazfit, a US based wearable tech company, today introduced its first ceramic-based activity tracker by the same name.

This stylish, slim and sleek device allows you to track and record steps, distance traveled and calories burned. It will also monitor sleep quality and receive incoming call vibration alerts. Retailing for around $80, the tracker sits somewhere between budget and mainstream wearables.

Amazfit is owned by Huami, the exclusive provider of wearable technology for Xiaomi. Since establishing its partnership with Xiaomi two years ago, the company has sold over 25 million Mi Bands. Huami is now the second largest manufacturer of wearable technology in the world.

In all honesty, there is little to get excited about in terms of the features as the tracker does nothing out of the ordinary. Also, there is no display. Where this wearable shines, though, is in terms of the design. Amazfit is one of the slimmest, most lightweight activity trackers on the market today. Just by looking at it, you would never even guess that its a fitness tracker.

“We’re excited to further expand our success into the U.S. market,” said Frederik Hermann, Head of U.S. Marketing and Sales for Amazfit.

“Amazfit is dedicated to developing beautifully designed products that seamlessly integrate into people’s lives. We want to encourage people to make healthier decisions on small, everyday activities, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, that contribute to an overall healthy and active lifestyle.”

Amazfit: Taking fashion forward wearable tech up a notch
Image source: Huami

The company says, each hypoallergenic ceramic casing undergoes 30 manufacturing procedures and is polished more than 120,000 times. Its hardness is second only to diamond and sapphire.

You can choose from two wristband styles, Moonbeam and Equator. Moonbeam is a white ceramic shell encased in a rose gold-plated metal frame and is surrounded by a premium white leather wristband. Equator is designed to offer sleek sophistication. The ceramic shell is surrounded by a simple, minimalistic band in complementary matted black or rose gold tones. You also get interchangeable accessories to suit your mood.

The activity tracker will keep going for around 10 days, at which point you will need to recharge it via the wireless charger. Finally, its IP68 water resistance rating means that its splash-proof, so don’t plan on going swimming with it.

Amazfit can be purchased on Amazon starting today.

Stay tuned, we are planning to do a test run of the wearable in the near future.


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