Image source: Moov

Moov partners with Strava and adds different colour bands

Moov partners with Strava and adds different colour bands
Image source: Moov

Moov has announced a partnership with MapMyFitness and Strava. This means, you will now be able to add your Moov workouts to your MapMyFitness regiment and be able to go on a Strava ride or run with some added coaching.

Indoor Cycling is now available as well. Whether you’re cycling in your living room or with others in a class, Moov move will assist you tracking your ride, calories burned, and more.

If you are an iOS user and want to be one of the first to use these features, now is the time to apply. The company says, Android integration is coming soon.

“We are excited to welcome Moov Now as the latest device to integrate with Strava,” said David Lorsch, VP of business development at Strava.

“We are committed to helping athletes improve across a variety of sports, so Strava is a natural fit for Moov users.”

Moov (view on Amazon) has carved out a niche for itself in the crowded fitness tracker market. This is a one of a kind wearable fitness coach that actively monitors your activity and advises you in real time how to get the most from your workout. Similar to many other fitness trackers, Moov tracks your daily activity and sleep — but rather than steps, it measures movement within 3D space.

Moov partners with Strava and adds different colour bands
Image source: Moov

Moov pairs with an app to train users on five sports — running, cycling, swimming, cardio boxing, and a seven-minute bodyweight workout which you can perform at home as it doesn’t require the use of any weights. The tracker has been tailored to each individual activity, so offers separate exercise programs.

The company has also launched a range of new coloured bands (pictured above). You can choose between Sunrise Orange, Berry Pink or Sky Blue – all available for $9.95.

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