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Alcatel announces a series of connected devices

We’ve seen the launch of number of new fitness trackers and smartwatches at IFA 2016 in Berlin. Alcatel, a mobile device brand of Chinese electronics company TCL Communication, has now added MOVE – a series of intuitive wearable and lifestyle devices to the mix.

The series consists of four devices: the Moveband, Movetime WiFi Watch, Move Track & Talk and Movetrack.

So lets go through them one by one.


The Moveband is the company’s first fitness tracker. The bracelet is fairly basic and will keep tabs on your physical activity (distance traveled, pace, time, calories, etc.), as well as your sleeping patterns. No heart rate tracking or GPS though.

The tracker will be sold in a bundle package with Alcatel smartphones, and you will be able to stay connected by tracking text messages, emails, and calls right from your wrist.

Movetime WiFI Watch

Alcatel announces a series of connected devices
Image source: Alcatel

For those who want something a bit more advanced, there is the Movetime WiFi Watch. The device will allow you to make and receive calls directly from your wrist and will provide you with all sorts of notifications.

The fitness tracking is also a bit more sophisticated with the inclusion of a heart rate sensor. For added convenience, you can track water and caffeine intake via the smartphone app.

There is also an innovative gesture control system that allows you to control the smartwatch using simple movements. Rotate the wrist to play back or forward a song or to activate the camera for quick snaps.

Movetrack & Talk

Alcatel announces a series of connected devices
Image source: Alcatel

There is something for the little ones as well. Its called Move Track & Talk. The device will allow you to keep an eye on your kids — making calls, sending voice messages, tracking their location, all from a dedicated user-friendly application.

MOVE Track & Talk can store five speed-dial numbers for quick calling and 10 pre-set contacts in case of emergency. It also features a unique combination of GPS, GSM and WiFi to allow you to locate your child within 90 seconds.


If you are looking to keep track of something other than your child you can opt for Movetrack. This is a portable GPS sensor that can be clipped to whatever you don’t want to lose. Weighing in at only 33 grams, you can even attach it to a pet’s collar. Using a separate application, Virtual Fence, you can receive notifications when an item enters or leaves a pre-programmed safe zone.

“Wearable connectivity is the future of technology and human behavior. It will shape our habits for generations to come,” says Vittorio Di Mauro, General Manager of Smart Connectivity at Alcatel.

“This is why we’ve launched different devices for different ages so together we stay connected. There is a huge opportunity in connected devices for children as a way to reassure parents, me included!”

The MOVE series will be available starting from the end of this month.

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Dusan is our dedicated sports editor which means he gets to indulge his two passions: writing and gadgets. He never leaves his house without a minimum of two wearable devices to monitor his every move.

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