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Fitbit announces global availability of Charge 2 tracker

Fitbit has announced global availability of its new Charge 2 tracker. The device can now be purchased from retailers in North America, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, New Zealand and China. Shops in Korea, Latin America and Japan will start selling it next month.

“As the category leader with over nine years of experience, we have demonstrated our consistent ability to deliver new hardware and software that consumers love, and that motivates and inspires a community of millions across the globe to reach their health and fitness goals,” said Woody Scal, Chief Business Officer at Fitbit.

“We’ve maintained our focus on health and fitness with Charge 2 and it reflects our deep understanding of what consumers want in wearable device, with a sleek new look, and a fitness experience that is more engaging, motivating and personal than ever.”

The Charge 2 is a new and improved version of Fitbit’s best-selling Charge HR tracker. It carries over all all of the features found on the Charge HR, and features on OLED display that is four times as large. The tracker will monitor your heart 24/7, count your steps, distance, floors, active minutes, calories and monitor your sleep.

Fitbit has debuted a few new features as well. The device links to the GPS on your smartphone to provide more precise data on pace and distance when you’re running, while recording a map of your route in the app.

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Plus there are a few new features that tap into your hear-rate readings such as the Cardio Fitness Level which gives you a snapshot of your fitness level based on your VO2 Max and Guided Breathing Sessions.

“With Charge 2, Fitbit has introduced even more new features and technologies, which we know our customers expect and value from their health and fitness devices,” said Frank Bedo, Vice President of Wearables at Best Buy.

“We’re looking forward to bringing Charge 2 to our customers as we head into the holiday gifting season.”

Accessory bands will be available in October including the Classic accessory bands and three colours of Luxe premium leather accessory bands. There is also a Special Edition Series that comes in matte-black gunmetal and 22-karat plated rose gold, available starting in December.

Fitbit announces global availability of Charge 2 tracker
Fitbit Charge 2
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Fitbit announces global availability of Charge 2 tracker



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