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Atlas brings gym session tracking to Android Wear

Atlas brings gym session tracking to Android WearAtlas Wearables, today announced the launch of the Atlas Workout Tracker for Android Wear smartwatches. This brings the resistance training tracking magic from the Wristband product line to Android Wear.

For those who may not know, Atlas is an innovative wearable device that monitors your body in 3D when you are in the gym. It tracks and identifies different activities, evaluates your form, counts your reps and sets and calculates calories you burned. The company was started in January 2013 by pre-school friends Peter Li and Michael Kasparian. It originally raised $629k on crowdfunding site Indiegogo to fund development.

Now, the same great MotionAI technology has been brought to Android Wear which means you can enjoy automatic workout tracking from your existing Android watch. The $4.99 Workout Tracker app automatically learns 3D form. The idea is – the more you use it, the smarter it gets.

“True Workout Tracking and smart watches quite literally go hand in hand,” said Peter Li, CEO of Atlas.

“Now, with MotionAI, users can experience over 95% accuracy after less than a week of use.”

Atlas brings gym session tracking to Android Wear

Data is still displayed in the Atlas phone app which now works alongside Google Fit to combine other fitness data with your weights sessions. And like with original Atlas Wristband, the app allows you to choose between Freestyle and Guided Workouts.

With Freestyle Workouts you customize your device with over 100+ exercises. Start working out and the tracker will automatically recognise which exercise you are doing and will count the reps (as long as your form is correct). Not to worry if your favourite exercise is not in the database. You can teach Atlas to recognise new exercises, meaning the possibilities are endless.

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Guided workouts provide you with a number of workouts to choose from. There is a nice selection with aptly chosen names such as ‘Bulk up’, ‘Burn baby burn’, ‘Strengthen week’, and more. Scroll through the list of exercises to find the workout that you are interested in doing, and tap to view details.

Finally, you also get access to a new web dashboard. This allows you to view your data in more detail, analyze trends and progress and create and share fitness programs and routines.

Atlas brings gym session tracking to Android Wear

The Atlas Wristband is definitely a compelling idea. An activity tracker that monitors all your movement in 3D and automatically logs exercises and repetitions, essentially taking away all the hassle of manually logging your gym workout sessions. There is very little in terms of direct competition out there.

Atlas brings gym session tracking to Android Wear
Atlas Wristband 2
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Atlas brings gym session tracking to Android Wear

There is certainly a market and a place for such a wearable. When we reviewed Atlas Wristband 2, we found the tracker does a decent job at recognizing exercises. But this is a niche market and the Wristband product line is pretty much aimed at the gym rats amongst us. Now with Android Wear compatibility, this technology should find more mainstream appeal.

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