Blindsave: protective gear that adjusts its shape to body

Blindsave: protective gear that adjusts its shape to body

When you play ball — when you are in the thick of the action, you want to give your best. But often you are stopped – by injuries, by pain, by hits and falls. This is where Blindsave comes in.

Touted as the first protective gear in sports that adjusts itself to the player’s body and ensures superior protection and comfort, the product is designed to protect key areas from hits and falls in basketball and other indoor sports. The current prototype of shorts has padding on thighs, hips and tailbone while the protective shirt guards the ribs.

After two years of development the company says they’ve created padding that absorbs shock 20% more effectively than other brands on the market, despite using 40% thinner padding. They’ve already created real prototypes of protective shorts and shirt, but in order to finish product development also of knee pads, protective arm sleeve and 3/4 protective tights, and begin mass production, they are looking for support via Kickstarter.

Price: $19 and up

Funding in progress:
$14,923 pledged of $30,000 goal
22 days to go (as at 30/10/2016)

Estimated delivery: January 2017

Blindsave: protective gear that adjusts its shape to body

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